Sunday, January 29, 2012

CNY Boy-ish Clothing + Activities

So here, I compiled my dress for five days of Chinese New Year. I found that I've not been very feminine in my choice of clothings (right?). Actually, there's only one new clothes among them, which was what I wore in the first day. (HOW SAD!)

 However, I was satisfied with the look, so I'm here to share with you guys the joy of being a CHINESE! xD

Yang Yang with his lovely Rony doggy. 

Black Canyon Restaurant with Yi Wen.

Me with my favourite salad and Mexican Ice Mocha (look at the COFFEE CUP!!!!!)

My cute niece, Sylvia.

Che Go Korean BBQ Restaurant with See.

Look how much I love Korean Food.


Paws For Peace @ Pavilion with my lovely Toby.
Reader: What style is your CNY clothings?

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