Sunday, January 29, 2012

CNY Boy-ish Clothing + Activities

So here, I compiled my dress for five days of Chinese New Year. I found that I've not been very feminine in my choice of clothings (right?). Actually, there's only one new clothes among them, which was what I wore in the first day. (HOW SAD!)

 However, I was satisfied with the look, so I'm here to share with you guys the joy of being a CHINESE! xD

Yang Yang with his lovely Rony doggy. 

Black Canyon Restaurant with Yi Wen.

Me with my favourite salad and Mexican Ice Mocha (look at the COFFEE CUP!!!!!)

My cute niece, Sylvia.

Che Go Korean BBQ Restaurant with See.

Look how much I love Korean Food.


Paws For Peace @ Pavilion with my lovely Toby.
Reader: What style is your CNY clothings?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scarlet 70% Discount

I was wondering around Jusco Clothes Department after having a lovely lunch with my friends, I was so happy to see a 70% Discount Board there. I went and look at the clothes and it's like SO CHEAP!!!! 

Here're the pictures taken in the changing room.

The sunny style (bought it for my mum):

 Original prize: RM 29 (70% off)

The elegant style:

 Original prize: RM 49.00 (50% off)

I bought five clothes there-- three shirts( two from the picture above), a dress and a pants:

(sorry for the not-clear-pictures since I took it at night.).

 Original prize: RM 59.00 (70% off)

 Original prize: RM 49.00 (70% off)

 Original prize: RM 49.00 (70% off)

 Like it so much. Bought five quite branded clothes and they only spent me RM80!!!! How on Earth is it happening???? Hahahaha!!!! I'm So So So HAPPY!!!!!


Reader: Go and Grab One NOW!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Red? Nude?

Everyone is thinking about being red in Chinese New Year, wearing red cheong sam, red nail, red shoes etc, but I'm the opposite of it. No offence, but I really don't like wearing cheong sam because it make me look old and I'm can't sit properly in such SEXY dress where your legs is exposed till almost as high as to the hips. ><

I'm not that carefully girl that can wear this kind of dress, yet.

So this is my outfit in the morning.

A Lace shirt bought from Thailand--- Cheap and Nice!!!

Jeans bought from Nichii
Shoe from Tesco (HA! That's the cheapest one!)
Bag From KB. Expensive one.
Overall look.--- LOOK AT THE LACE!!!! LIKE LIKE LIKE!!!!

In the evening, I modified my outfit to a little feminie but changing my jeans, bag, and shoes:

Shoe from Tesco- That's the cheap one!

Oh ya! The make up too! 

Oh ya, That's my nail--- Again: NO RED, just Orange.  (:

Supper with Korean Noddle.

And Watching 'Happy Family' with my happy family...  

Reader: Nude Or Red??? Tell me!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ice Cream and Fireworks

Besides reunion dinner, I found myself spending a SWEET time with La Cremeria Mocha Indulgence Ice-cream on this Chinese New Year eve.

Sounds funny huh? But I'd enjoyed. <3

*La Cremeria is one of the product of Nestle company. I specially love this series as they are extremely rich in flavour, cream, chocolate chips and stuff!!!! Remember to try this if you haven't! (;

Later, I got the chance to see fireworks at the balcony.  It's so beautiful!!!!!

The 'flying lantern'

Some of the kids were still awake and celebrating this fantastic festival. =) 

Here's a short video showing how much fireworks were around my house till 1am: 

Readers: What have you done during CNY Eve???