Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ohaiyo Miyako! ^^

Got very excited when mum told me she booked a Japanese Buffet during my mid-term break at Grand Dorsett Hotel, Subang. 

We love Japanese food, don't you? ^^

Make up of the day: Tried naked face without any eyeliner. Only foundation, blush, and red lips. 
*Spectacles is the MAIN COURSE today! xD
Discover my new favourite marine blue nail colur! ^^

Outfit of the day: Japanese Theme:
Lace top, long skirt 
Clue to feel more Japanese: Tons of necklaces and accessories! 

The buffet started at 7pm, so we went there SHARP to snatch all the delicious food we wanted do much! hahaha...

Here are the pictures taken during the event and I'll let the pictures do all the talking now. Enjoy! ^^

It's Japanese Newspaper!

My Favourite Green Tea Ice-cream! <3

Everyone, close your mouth and suck up all your saliva now. hahaha.

Hope you guy enjoy it! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Photo Shooting - Glamorous

Okay, something I've been wanting to share with you guy so much, but couldn't get the chance cause the softcopy was not given to me by my photographer.

But now here it is! I've done the touch up and ready to share it with you guy cause it's my first ever photo shooting and I'm so excited about it!

God blessed the whether, everyone's health and the photographers' intelligence to accomplish this project. =)

Theme: Glamorous
Event: Pantai Senok
Date: April















 So, that's all. I hope you guys enjoy it. Tell me the code of which photo(s) that you like the most and hope to see you in the comment box below soon! ^^

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fun Miracle Day to Celebrate Dumpling Festival

My uncle sent me a message telling me he got this cool thing again, that the egg can stands up just like during the first day of Chinese New Year in Chinese Calender (Chinese called the day as Li Chun 立春).


Then I try and try and try and surprisingly......

Dang! Dang! Dang!

I never knew Dumpling Festival can make this miracle too, cause everyone only does this during the CNY. So guy, don't miss the fun to try it out!

1) The egg must be fresh, mine just bought yesterday and it's not from the fridge.
2) The rounder the egg, the better chance it stands.
3) Kill some time steadily and slowly hold the egg up. It takes some time.
4) Get yourself a steady table. the surface of the table must be flat and not slippery too. (I think that's the reason why I didn't success doing this during CNY).

Okay, enough reading and go grab yourself an egg and try it out!

Enjoy and Happy Dumpling Festival! ^^