Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Western Food is My Favourite

Yes, I'd love western food. I'm glad that my mum knows to cook western food and my family love it too. We are not admiring western culture like those who says the moon at the other countries are rounder (外国的月亮比较圆), it's just that we love their style of culinary.

My favourite western food will be Beef Steak and Spaghetti, Cabonara will be my second choice, followed by Lasagne. I love them until I ask my mum to cook them everytime I come back from my study in Kelantan.

So enough talking here, let me bring you to Tony Roma's, a western food restaurant and bar that serves ribs, seafood and steaks. I went there twice in different place (Sunway and Midvalley) with two different people, and the food were good. I'll focus my entry here on the Sunway's.

First of all, my outfit and make up on the day: I'm going towards Retro style-- Red lips, thick eyeliner and subtle cheek contour. Dress: Polka dots dress.

Red lips, thick eyeliner and subtle cheek contour.

Shade: Rounded edges and creative side. 

Hair: High pony tail with curly ends.

Polka Dots Dress, High tangerine heels with LV bag purse.

Sunway's Tony Roma's is located on the second floor, if I'm not mistaken. The surrounding were peaceful and quite, the design were more to simple and nice.

Our apetizer -- FOC.

My friend's Burger set.

My Chicken Cheese Salad - Love it!

After our dinner, we went to watch Battleship in Beani Room, which means the seat were super Duper larger cushion couple seat. My friend and I were too small in size to sit there cause it just feel waste to leave so much space beside us. Anyway, here's some picture taken in the cinema before and after the show:

To be frank, I don't like the couch here cause I think it's not so comfortable as the seat in the normal room. Although the seat here is  bigger than the normal seat, it's lower to the ground. Girls with dress or short skirt will feel troublesome cause you can't stand up easily. Moreover, the cushion is not as puffy as what I've thought. it's not made up of foam but some tiny bits that can move around the space in the pack. So you'll create a hole that touch the ground after sitting there for a long time. I'd prefer the normal cushion.

Anyway, it's a good experience in the Beani room. At least I got the chance to at least enter it once in my life time. It will be good if you go there with your love one and I think you can lie at his/her leg while watching the show, or do whatever that's not prohibited at the couch lol.

Music of the day: From the movie: "Snow White and The Huntsman" -- Breath of Life by Florence and The Machince.

Okay, hope you enjoy and get yourself a try at the Beani room. Have a nice day! ^^

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