Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sushi King KB Mall -- Oh God It's All About Food!

All right it's going to be food again!
Remember I told you guys that something BIG is going on here in Kelantan?
Here you go,
Sushi King is just right beside Seoul Garden!

Heck I have been eating too much food two days straight >.<

Went there last two days and it was a long queue. 
Crazy with people lining up since 1pm because it's the time where the shops close for Muslims' prayers.
Me and HP were lucky to arrive there just a bit earlier to not be at the very end of the queue -..-

fyi: This is the very first Sushi Restaurant open in Kelantan and I can be sure that all the Kelantanese have been craved for sushi for a long time.
Probably go for sushi restaurant every time they travel around the world LOL.

Full House right after the shop reopens ><

Some green tea, sir? :)

Something worth for second round. ;)

.......Oh, may be third. >.<

Shit I forgot to remember what the food name is.
Baked Salmon Fish???
and I definitely love the Charwanchen and the miso soup!!!! So Yummy!!!

Nice baked fish. 
I would prefer a lil bit less cooked cause I like it raw ><

And then the very awesome side dishes :)

Not bad.

I always like squid but this one.... a little too dry for me.
Probably they are lack of sauce of put on it -..-

This is definitely one of the best!

And don't overlook these ugly ducklings.
They are freaking delicious once you chew. ;)

HP's favourite scallop 
(for me it's not much of a different from fish ball ><)

Salmon Salmon Salmon!
Salmon Salmon Salmon!
Salmon Salmon Salmon!

Haha ok la we were crazy cause we ordered cake in a sushi restaurant.
Not good. 
Definitly not worth a try unless you have too much penny in your pocket.
(oh, you can give them to me).

but not least ;)
Happy Eating! ^^

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Seoul Garden in KB Mall

Look at my sleepy face?
Yea I was burning the midnightssssss oil to settle my assignments.
I really hate it when all the assignments come at the same time.
Worse, the lecturers would always give very less of finishing time as they think that we will only do it at the very last time, so the short period of finishing time is not going to affect the assignment.

But anyway,
I was able to visit Seoul Garden today 
*Come on people needa break*

For your information, Seoul Garden is a Korean cuisine in buffet style.
You can grab whatever (food) you want in the restaurant .
And you gotta pay first before you eat 
(The staff shouted at us when we ask if we need to pay first)

 Gonna show you how pretty the place is.

Raw materials for cooking.

Vegetables, and some cooked dishes ready to be served.

Best of all, beverage of all ranges, from tea, to coffee and to juices of your choice :)

Ice-cream with ice-blended machine.

I was very surprised and amazed by the development here in Kelantan.
It feels like someone is giving a lot of effort to develop this state.
Feels like something BIG is going to happen ;)

Xuan and Ni picking up the raw meat for cooking later.

So you there're two ways of cooking upon your choice: 
1) Soup Boiled
2) BBQ style
Meats are meant to be cooked with BBQ styles, while vegetables and fishballs are meant to be in the soup to cook.

So let's START!

Happy and hungry faces :)

Me and Ni

Yummy ice-cream decorated by Shi Ting.
Frankly I don't care much about decoration. 
All I want is to EAT.

Oh yea and cam-whore

Me and Shi Ting

Time to chao! :D