Friday, November 29, 2013

Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara Review

I was suppose to update this earlier but I forgot!
But anyway here we go.

Maybelline latest mascara,
named 'The Rocket Volum' Espress'

(bet they want to make the formula dries super quick hence the name 'rocket')

sorry, just having fun ><

Looking at the brush, it was like a silicon-plastic like brush, short and stiff instead of the ordinary brushy style we use to get for mascara.

This is how it look when I stroked the brush i my finger for a few times.

What i realize is, that you need to give it a few strokes in order to get the really-thick formula.
*Something I wouldn't like.

I straight press the formula onto the tissue paper to try out their dryness.

It appears to me that it dries quickly though its wet texture. (a plus point_ ;) )

So here is the look after I applied the mascara

Zoom in :)

Before and after:
Since it's focusing on volume, I would say it make a great success in increasing the volume of my lashes.
However, if you look clearly through the pictures, you will notice that it makes no different for the length of lashes.

That makes a disappointment for me as I have short eyelashes and would really need a mascara which would lengthen my eyelashes.

Now let's remove the make up and see the result:  
As I remove the formula, I discover the tiny strands/fibre on the cotton pad. It means that the formula harden to make sure the face is not smudge by the formula, which it really work on my face ;)

So overall, I would say this mascara is a good use to those who has long lashes and require volumizing mascara. 

Sad to say, but I am still not really satisfy with it since I need something that can lengthen and volumizing my lashes at the same time. I would prefer the Malybelline the Falsies Volume Express Black Drama.   So I will keep discovering until I find it :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Another pretty place for FOOD!
(Does 'pretty' even the word to rate the food? LOL)

This is the very unique place I've visited with my Sarawak's friends, along with my best besties Ginger.
It is actually the same day of us reaching the airport, going for Escape Room.(click here to know about the Escape Room)

So that means this place is at The Curve.
It's located at the "The Street" of between The Curve and E-Curve. 
It's ok you can find the place easily by using the directory :)

So here you go, the inside of the restaurant:

Their draw-on wall.


 Looks Yummy right???  Ya I am hungry even looking at the pictures ish.... (I'm a Eating MONSTA)

I tell you, this is FREAKING DELICIOUS! :DD

I love this picture!!!! ^^

So here's the menu today :)

Caesar Salad of the day :)
Frankly, I kinda have a thing with Caesar Salad, and I am very picky for it. I don't really like the other Caesar Salad at other places, they kinda sucks at it. But I tell ya, I'm gonna add this restaurant into my Caesar-Salad-Restaurant list :)

Ginger's Smoke Duck Barbeque Pizza
I didn't get the chance to taste it, but I can really smell it when it was served. 
Ginger the another picky eater (plus chef) said it was nice except the onion she hated :)

My damn healthy Rene Pesto :)
Damn healthy, that's all I'm gonna say :P

Michelle's I-forgot-the-name dish ><
with the stupid Gary the Running Man as the background, look like he admit this is tempting xD

Esther's Angels' Hair Spaghetti :)
I love this!!!

Amelia's Creamy Mushroom Pasta

And we all enjoyed it! ^^

So overall we all enjoyed it!
The price is not that expensive compared to other restaurant so I assume it's quite reasonable FOR KL RATE.
and cause I really love the "The Street" at the Curve here cause it's so romantic and classy, I really don't mind coming here once a while :)
You guys should come here at least once and try it out!

before I end this post:

Happy Holiday!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Escape Room Malaysia First Real Escape Game

I'm finally back from that hectic exam week!

This time, me and my Sarawak friends decided to give ourself some mental break out after the crazy exam.
(Yea I know it sounded stupid as we just kinda tortured our brains as if the exam haven't given enough of it LOL)

Hahaha yea that's the plan.
Brain damaging plan.

and, Sorry for the late blog post as I have really a hard time concentrating on my study so I block myself from any distraction, hoping that it will at least help me not to waste any more time for other stuff (apparently it's not working) :(

All right enough with that,
Welcome the holiday with Starbucks new coffee collection for the Christmas
It's the Mocha Peppermint Frappuccino!
Frankly I have never like their Frappuccino collection as they are way tooooo much of a sweet thing for me.
But NOTfor this crazy Xmas coffee!

Look at the pretty sugar flakes they put on top of the cream!

The-happy-to-be-back baby holding her current fav coffee :)

With sampat Mich.

And to forget it's the advance surprise birthday party for Amelia! 

Happy group ready to get out brain damaged :P

So here you go, we've reached the destination: The E-Curve.
The escape room is located in the E-curve, and fyi, they are opening another one in Klang Valley soon! :)

Okay just a rough view  about Escape Room if you guys have no idea what is it:

The Room Escape game is a unique, intuitive and interactive experience where teams find mysterious clues based on various story lines to solve live puzzles and ultimately escape the room within a time limit. Players are encouraged to work together as a team to solve puzzles collaboratively, and the Game Master directs game play to add a touch of drama to the story.

The uniqueness of the game is that you are physically inside the story. This game provides an interactive and intuitive gaming experience that reading and online gaming have never done before. If you are a person who likes answering riddles, solving complex puzzles or just looking for a challenge, this is the GAME for you.

This game requires logic, intuition and collaboration with your teammates. You need to search and make good use of every item that you find in the room. All puzzles must be solved in order for you to escape the room. 
The maximum capacity for each game is 6 persons. All participants of the same time slot will be one team to play the game. Single players are also welcome but of course, collective effort can make things much simpler and much more enjoyable.

So yea that's overall the synopsis of the game. Unfortunately we are not allowed to take pictures while the game was played (of course la make sense cause we can't be the spoilers :)).

But here I am going to story you the journey of us in the game all right? (Promise I won't be a spoiler I will just give you a rough view of it so that you guys at least have something in your head to prepared) :)

Okay, there're 4 types of rooms to be played and each of them have different background stories to be played with. There are 'The Abandoned Factory', 'Prison Break', 'The Mysterious Room', and 'Slaughter House'. Like I said, each of them has different story so click here if you want to know more. The price of the room are all RM 36/person.

The experience:

We picked The Mysterious Room as that seems to be the not-so-bloody room to be played with. (Yea we kinda scared of fake blood). Then we entered the room with torch lights and pre description from the staff (Some very important stuff you will wanna hear from them and if you have any questions please ask them before you got stuck inside!). So we were given 45 minutes to 'escape' the room with another alternate key. The clue of finding the key is the solve the problem by sequences. All the tips are related from one to another so we have to solve them accordingly.  (okay I have to keep the rest as a secret so I don't be the spoiler).

Okay we lost.

And the price: 

Overall this game was fun!
My brain really damaged after the game and I couldn't really think of other thing except to go home.
I would say the game is interesting but the price is a bit expensive.
But I kinda understand why as they have to provide lots of tools and technologies for each of the games.
So if you wanna play the game, make sure you appreciate their effort. :)

And it's always fun to played in a gang full of laughters!
(Yea we laughed too much in the room as if the time is not running)

Happy Holiday Peeps! :)

and watch this before you got into one of the game! :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Zhi Yuan's Birthday @ Library BBT Klang

Yea it's My BBF Zhi Yuan's Birthday!
Have lotsa fun in Library!
This time I am so greatful as I get the chance to go back to Klang to celebrate with her! ^^

And you know what is the best thing?
Kwai Yean the almost-become-Australian came back froem Aussie!!!!

Yea so how can I miss it?

Time to get dress! ^^
So this is my pretty outfit ( :P ), 
I'm sure you guys have seen it in my previous blog post or my facebook page. :)

All the pretty accessories I can't resist :)

Ordered Whole bunch of HoeGarden and Calrsbergs (TOWER) in mission of get the birthday girl DRUNK!!!! :P

Quak my best company LOL xD

So here's the cake! Spacially Made  by Chef GinGer wohoo!!!!! ^^

Zhi Yuan naik miang with her bf after we made her drink a whole tower of Carlsberg! xD

Crazy Ginger just cannot open her eyes so she did this pose LOL


Ginger know I like Choc! hahahaha!!! xD

Blow a kiss for the birthday girl! ^^

Can see the mission accomplished!!!!! hahahaha!!!!

Another picture of Ginger-can't-get-her-eyes-open!!!! xD

Happy Birthday Zhi Yuan!
Thanks Ginger!
Nice to see you again Kwai Yean!!!
Best Friends Forever!!! ^^