Sunday, November 17, 2013


Another pretty place for FOOD!
(Does 'pretty' even the word to rate the food? LOL)

This is the very unique place I've visited with my Sarawak's friends, along with my best besties Ginger.
It is actually the same day of us reaching the airport, going for Escape Room.(click here to know about the Escape Room)

So that means this place is at The Curve.
It's located at the "The Street" of between The Curve and E-Curve. 
It's ok you can find the place easily by using the directory :)

So here you go, the inside of the restaurant:

Their draw-on wall.


 Looks Yummy right???  Ya I am hungry even looking at the pictures ish.... (I'm a Eating MONSTA)

I tell you, this is FREAKING DELICIOUS! :DD

I love this picture!!!! ^^

So here's the menu today :)

Caesar Salad of the day :)
Frankly, I kinda have a thing with Caesar Salad, and I am very picky for it. I don't really like the other Caesar Salad at other places, they kinda sucks at it. But I tell ya, I'm gonna add this restaurant into my Caesar-Salad-Restaurant list :)

Ginger's Smoke Duck Barbeque Pizza
I didn't get the chance to taste it, but I can really smell it when it was served. 
Ginger the another picky eater (plus chef) said it was nice except the onion she hated :)

My damn healthy Rene Pesto :)
Damn healthy, that's all I'm gonna say :P

Michelle's I-forgot-the-name dish ><
with the stupid Gary the Running Man as the background, look like he admit this is tempting xD

Esther's Angels' Hair Spaghetti :)
I love this!!!

Amelia's Creamy Mushroom Pasta

And we all enjoyed it! ^^

So overall we all enjoyed it!
The price is not that expensive compared to other restaurant so I assume it's quite reasonable FOR KL RATE.
and cause I really love the "The Street" at the Curve here cause it's so romantic and classy, I really don't mind coming here once a while :)
You guys should come here at least once and try it out!

before I end this post:

Happy Holiday!

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