Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Party at Vertigo

Hai ya everyone!

What have you done in the past few weeks?

I just attended party with my lovely two cousin and friends at Vertigo.

Simply couldn't describe the craziness inside!

Ootd: Summer style Black and White dress.
Not really eye-catching i know but I got no clue what to wear to be more "summer-ish" that night.
*wrong fashion line* LOL

Quak said "it's fine to do funny face cause you are just drunk" 

Wanna have some? ;)

Stupid didi acting nerd in the club? hihii!!!!

Got the glowing stick and I just put it in the drink! 
*Good way to recognize your drink in the dark*

Had so much fun there, 
hope you guys are having a great time as well!!!!

Happy holiday everyone! 


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Photoshoot -- The Leopard

Just got back from KL with Jing Wen!
Yea I know it's crazy because I am kinda from KL (Selangor to be exact), but I had not went back to home due to time limit. :'(

Currently in time rush for next week's test marathon.
Yes I mean MARATHON.
13th, 14th, 15th, 16th.


But no worry, as soon as the tests end, it means the next holiday!

Hooray! :)

So here's the pictures of my another shooting.
Was suppose to shoot something like "clubbing" 
but ended up shoot in the studio when one of the model ffk us.
Then the photographers weren't telling me in the first place.
Then I felt fooled and disappointed.

Forget about it, cause this will be my first time shooting in a studio! :)

Unfortunately, due to unprepared condition (fyi, model need to know the theme asap to find some inspiration), I wasn't able to get great great great pose.

So the result is just so so.
Don't judge cause I aint perfect. :P
The photographers sent lots of pictures but these are the little pictures I'm guessing they at least don't look too ugly.

*dress colour are photoshoped*

Went outdoor to shoot some other pictures (JUST FOR FUN).

Look at my long long legs! LOL

I would say the last pictures is the best picture of the bunch, unfortunately it is not the main theme LOL.

Gtg, off to study!

Happy working, 
Happy study, 
Happy doing what you are doing :)


p/s: For more photoshoot album, press the 'photoshoot' label at this entry. :)