Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Piikaaboo Nee's Birthday

*Don't misunderstand me, it's the Italian's hello*

I just love to celebrate birthday, so this is another birthday post.
Supposed to update it long time ago but there're more other older even that I've not been able to update.

Anyway, 1 January 1994, My little lovely Nee Nee was born in this earth

 to meet me and Wen xD

Okay I know I'm lame. :P

Hmm, thinking of what to wear...... >.<

So me and Jing Wen had planned this celebration A YEAR BEFORE.
*crazy and I know it*
but since it's baby Nee Nee's birthday, we are willing to do whatever for her pleasure. :)

The event was set at 
Traudi Pizzeria Italian Pizzas Restaurant.

It's a lovely Malay-Italian Restaurant.
I called it Malay-Italian style because they have some Malaysia food/beverage here as well, and there's also a very cute Malay waitress there. :)

So I'll let the pictures do the talking, and hope you guy enjoy it!

For your information, the menu is hand made and hand written by the owner, an Italian hand writing. So it's a little hard to read the menu. 
However, you can always ask the waiter or their staffs, they are very friendly :)

The expression of selecting food when I was too hungry xD

Nee Nee and Wen, My two precious. 
(OMG I sounded like Gollum in the Lord of the Ring) xD

Starter: Pumpkin Soup. Taste of Milk and pumpkin, spiced with generous amount of salt makes it PERFECT.

Our Spaghetti (sorry I have forgotten what's the name already)

Hawaiian Pizza, super big and SOOOO DELICIOUSYYY.... *Yummy!*

Last but not least, Trio-pic of us. 
*I know some of you forbid to take trio-pic but hey see, there's no problem here.*

We were, are, and will always be happy together. <3

So that's it! 

You guy should check out the place it you're a western food lover like me
-- I'm sure I will not fail you :)

See you soon! ^^

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Photoshoot - Black

Promise is Promise. :)

So tomorrow is holiday, I have so much time here in McDonald,
Catching every moment here to maximize the usage of their free internet connection,
for I can save more broadband usage later :)

So this shooting was taken last year for my friend's assignment purpose.
There is no theme actually,
but I purpose called it "Black" because I feel 'black"

LOL what the heck I'm talking?? xD

Anyway, here's the outcome and I hope you guys enjoy it! :)

*fyi, I have edited it (again) myself cause I like it better when the contrast is higher, what do you guy think?*

Behind The Scene:

The photographer-of-honour xD

Pity her have to take all the props all the way... 
Hey I have my own too okay? Not that I didn't help her.... >.<

That's it! 

Say Cheese to Burger! xD

Friday, January 18, 2013

Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant

Oh God the effect make me look so pale >.<

Hahaha everyone, I'm still in holiday mood you know???

Life in Uni is such a mess.
New Year, New Resolution, New Semester.
Everything changes except the environment of our school. 
*Poor one forever!*

But anyway, I'm so sorry for this very late updating blog.
Promise you guys to at least do four entries every month *added to my 2013 resolution*

LOL four is so little right? But what to do? 
You guys should understand that I'm having a big trouble with Picasa right now.
The storage in my current account is over limited, so I have to upload my photos into another account, and then using URL to copy my uploaded photos, one by one, to paste them into the blog.

Such hard work is demotivating me from frequently updating blog.
But I know I shouldn't stop, cause I that's what i love to do.
I still take a lot of pictures.
And when I say a lot, it's HUGE.
Like hundred in each event.
and I have to slowing pick the best one to upload.
Sometimes I even have to think if there're too much photos in the entry lol.

But I guess everyone prefer to look at the picture rather than reading the words right?
(omg I am wondering if anyone read what I've written so far.... *scroll scroll*)

So yea!

I went to midvalley with dear Ginger and made a date with Yuan as well.
It was such a beautiful day that I want to share with you guy.
2012 holiday is the best holiday I've ever spent (so far). :)

So here we go-- 
Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant! 

Ginger and I were so eager to try new food, so we were willing to spent at least 15 minutes searching around for the restaurant, and we don't regret k! 

Hehehe.... xD

So I'll let the photos to do the talking, and I'll only write some caption if I really think it's necessary k. (cause I don't think everyone reads lol) >.<

The outer view of Brotzeit Restaurant.

Their "welcome speech" :)

Their surrounding is very beautiful. It's base of the east-southern decorating style.. *Correct me if I'm wrong"

The bar

The mural (so cute!)

Closer view of the mural

Love Gin Ger smile in this picture, so beautiful <3

And guess what? Gin Ger made us my favourite macaroon again!!!! She always make my saliva drops lol (Love you so much la Gin Ger!) xD

*Happy face when Macaroon is in the mouth* :D

My Margerita 

So I took a picture with it. Not a big deal right? xD

Gin Ger's Brain Damage (with liquor-- Brandy)

and then she said she couldn't take it, so mine were sifted with her........

So I took another picture with my new drink LOL. xD

Super love this photo of Yuan! She always refuse to take picture until I have to beg her only then she allow to take one, just one =.=

Baby GinGer with me :)

 Yuan's Wiener Schnitzel

My Rindsgulasch

 Gin Ger's Schweinemedaillons

 Current activity: Went to do make up business at my friend's sister's wedding today. One person versus 15 client in 4 hours. So pro.... xD

Good night buddy! <3