Monday, January 7, 2013

Burger King is Opening In Kelantan Yeah!

It was raining and raining and raining in Kelantan.

But how can I stay quietly at my dorm?

This is even impossible now hen I have heard about Burger King opening in Kelantan!!!!

Oh God I am going to pay a visit there.....

So this is why this post is made up for! 

OMG I know I will get fatter if I continue to explore food everyday LOL.

There is one opening in KB mall,  but I went to Tesco's since I need to do grocery shopping as well. 

So here's the review for the Tesco's Burger King. ^^

I love the surrounding.
It is so beautiful with the lightning and also the furniture.
I couldn't believe they have use the best quality of dining table instead of what McDonald and KFC have used!

See, so pretty right? :)

So next we moved on the their meals.
Currently they are having a promotion.... and.....

Dang Dang Dang!!!!

Burger King is offering
their Hot Deals @ RM 5.95 (Medium Set)
All Day, Everyday!

Burger King Hot Deals
Whopper JR
BK Singles Mushroom Swiss
Grilled Chicken
Spicy Chick N Crisp

The Next Promotion:
A Hobbit Meal (large) purchased to get a limited edition notepad.

and you guys guess what?

There's one thing they didn't mention in the promotion....

They are giving a free burger for this purchase as well!!!

Me and my friend was so freaking funny in the counter as we couldn't understand why this big deal isn't written in the board 
*Maybe they don't want too many people buying it?*

But here we go!
The hobbit meal with one (surprise) extra burger! ^^

Their burger is obviously smaller than McD's but the taste is quite good.
and I love their french fries!!!! (I even love them than the McD's lol)

So here's it, just a quick review on the new-opening Burger King and you guy can pay them a visit for the RM 5.95 cause I think it's another big deal :)

Enjoy eating!!! ^^

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