Sunday, September 30, 2012

DIY Savee Hair Mask

Have you guys notice my hair is better now? 

It's all thx to Savee Hair Mask, now my hair can wave like the model in the Sunsilk and Pantene Advertisement! 


Okay, so I'm introducing Savee brand cause I have been using their hair mask for two weeks. Apparently, it's the cheapest and the best hair mask that you can do it on your own!

For your information, I seldom do mask at the saloon as I am that kind of person who are too pity of her own money lol. I don't feel worthy to spend a single penny just to sit there to get the mask done cause I can do it on my own at the house too. Some more I can selca at home, which is one of the biggest reasons I prefer to DIY at house. hahha.

So DIY Hair Masks starts now! ^^

Let me show you my bad hair before mask. Just came back from PE so it's quite oily and messy and dull. Hate it.

1. Wash your hair and let it 60% dry. (It shouldn't drip water at this point).

2 Cut the package.

3. Open the package and pour it on a clean bowl but not a eating bowl ya.

I am playing with the "sauce" hahaha.....

"Absorb" every single drip of the mask (Save money) xD

The smell is like some kind of Chinese medicine, because the hair mask is enriched with various exquisite and natural herbal extracts. Smells so ORGANIC.. ^^

4. Apply it all over the hair, from the roots to the ends.

Dip the ends in the bowl to get every drip of the mask (again, save money) xD

5. Tie up the hair and wait for an hour for real soft hair. If you are rushing the time, 15 minutes will be good too, it's just that the smoothness will not last long. May be one day. (an hour mask gives your three days of smooth hair and if you continue using it, your hair will get better and better in time). =)

6. Rinse your hair thoroughly after an hour and let it dry. I usually let it dries itself but since I'm rushing, I choose to blow dry it. 

and you are done! ^^

 with 6 simple steps you own such a lovable hair, you are definitely worth it!

Love Savee Hair Mask as it really makes my hair better and stronger. <3

                             Before                                                                             After

Savee is an international beauty shop from Singapore and they have 11 branches in Malaysia now! So get to the nearest Savee shop to get more information or visit: 

             Have fun with Silky and Shinny Hair! ^^

Stupid Person Do Stupid Thing

Buddy, I've accidentally deleted at least 10 blog entries. AT LEAST.

I don't what the heck am I doing, selected the posts in the draft sections and press "delete". Seriously I don't know why the published posts got deleted as well. 


I don't think I will re-update the posts that I stupidly deleted, but may be just give you guys the photoshoot album back on the blog as that is one of my favourite shooting ever. The whole point was "STUPID".