Sunday, October 28, 2012

Something Nice at the Airport

Random picture taken last holiday with roomate Ting.

I know most of you were trying to pack and be ready to go back even it's exam weeks Be calm and steady, cause before you go back, let me introduce to you a very nice restaurant placed in Subang Airport. Anyone taking Firefly flight would have the opportunity to experience and great deal there. ;)

This is it! 
Cafe Barbera!

Those who live in KL would know this coffee shop cause they have their HQ at Bangsar. You guy should be shocked cause it has its franchise at the airport. Guess they are trying to get very international uh?  
What a creative thought! ^^

Okay, let me give you some introduction before we move on to pictures. 
Cafe Barbera is a Italian Cafe that offers Pasta Cakes and Confectionary. They have their slogan written in CAPITAL LETTER, saying that it has MORE THAN 140 YEARS OF COFFEE PERFECTION.

and I was like = O

You can see the check in counter on the left. 

One of the most creative decoration on the top of my head would be the mirrors. 
You guy don't miss thought that these is a painting, cause they are plain mirrors!

Proved. ;)

Tried their perfect cappuccino and then I was so naughty to play.......

So fugly..... ><

I ordered Smoked Duck Salad and guess what? It was Fantastic.

 Bolognese Spaghetti

Mmmm yummy!!!!! ^^

Okay, thanks for sparing some time with me and hope you have a good day! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Muffin Coffee House

Haiya, I'm here to update my blog again.

Woah I'm surprise for how committed I am to this blog again. Feel happy for I've not abandoned it, but feel guilty for my study. Degree life has been so much fun and I love my life now more than becoming a stupid nerd burying herself in the books. Not that I don't like to study, I just don't like to get myself reading because of the exam. I'm somehow not a genius, and I love reading during the free time, when there's no stress. So trust me, I'm not spoilt lol.

Okay, I'm coming to this new restaurant opened few weeks ago, and I've been late to visit them because I'm so into McDonald (idiot). hahaha.

The restaurant named Muffin Coffee House. It's placed somewhere near to Snoughurt (owh I've gotta update about this too!) and Pizza Hut in Pantai Timur. I'm glad that my place has turned more civilized in a few years. I don't know I can be this happy in Kelantan before, and now I can accept where I am placed to be. 

Life is Beautiful. ;)

So here I'm going to show you some pictures taken. We went there earlier so there's only few people until later, so I'd feel comfortable to get more pictures. ;) 
Their menu. They only offer some main course cause it's suppose to be a coffee house, but I ordered spaghetti cause I'm starving. ><

They have these cute little black board for their so that they can change if their menu changed. 
Clever! ^^

Muffin Price.

They offer several flavour of muffin, which is suppose to be their key point.

Another great piece of work, did you notice that?

I was shocked my the decoration on the wall, cause it's not only pretty, but it's HANDMADE! 
Of course the quality wouldn't be as good as the product sold in the market, but I appreciate the hard work. 
You guy should see it clearer! @.@
Cappuccino was nicely brewed. I drank it without sugar and the taste was absolute. 

Added a "smile" on it. :)

Banana toast. 
It has a mild banana smell but the toast was a little too wet to be a good toast, but that's just my taste. hahaha.

The sauce was nicely done, but the noodles was a bit overcooked. Might due to the delay of time since I was so freaking busy capturing pictures and chit chatting with my friend.

 Last but not least, their muffin. It was nice! <3

Okay, come back and I'm really satisfy with the date! Might visit them again with my other friend because it's definitely a good restaurant.

You guys should pay a visit there too!^^

Talk again. <3

Muffin Coffee House
PT 1080, Tingkat Bawah,
Jalan Bendahara, Pengakalan Chepa 16100
Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Facebook: Muffin Coffee House
wifi available.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Random 102612012

Imagine life without ice-cream?

I'll be dead by now.

Okay, it's just a random entry as I'm totally fed up with study today. Went out for a break at McDonald (again) at 5pm to get their latest product-- Coffee Oreo Mcflurry.

God Love Me so much, cause He knows I love coffee and McFlurry. And Oreo.
And He just comes out with Coffee + McFlurry + Oreo.
OMG I Love You A Lot.
Seriously what ice-cream can be better than this now?
unless it's less sweeter one, then they might beat up McD's.

My current update: Nothing much, study, McD and Sleep could sum up my life. So sad to write this out cause I myself not dare to weight now. Might get serious rise in calories. T.T

Hey, it's not my fault, I've no better place to go anymore, not like KL, you can more choices, sometimes you get confuse yourself too. lol.
Today is Malays' Haji Korban Day, all the restaurant close for the whole day, McD only opens at noon, so the only place I could visit is McD, so don't blame me. ><

Below are some random pictures taken at McD. Yours truly. ;)

My dinner, with two packs of french fries because my friend said she doesn't want it.

Okay, another thing that is more interesting would probably be my own selca photoshooting. I found myself LOL when writing this. So freaking bored with study then just took me less than 30 mins for the whole make up and shooting, so I don't know if this is even a good sharing. xD

Inspired by my favourite Model: Liu Wen. I've tried to be like her but I realised my face was longer, which makes the whole imitation failed, but I guess I have my own signature uh? ;)

Model: Eleanor Ling
Make Up: Eleanor Ling
Photographer: Eleanor Ling
Edition: Eleanor Ling


Nice ma???

Anyway, did you guys realised that I've only one picture with the effects changing? Haha... I'm sorry... :P

Okay, another news for you, Twilight fans:


Monday, October 22, 2012

Dad's Birthday

Today is my Dad's Birthday, it is so bad not to celebrate his birthday cause I'm away in Kelantan, suffering from the torture of exam. T.T

His birthday reminds me of my lovely family, so I'm gonna post a short entry about one of the activities we had when we were in Raya holiday.

My family love Japanese food, mum even brought us to Miyako for the superb Japanese buffet ever. You can read the entry here. 

So this is not an exception, we decided to visit Sushi King since I was craving for it. Kelantan was so poor to built a sushi restaurant, or else I will be glad to visit them very often. ;)

Decided to try on green and yellow eye shadow since I was bored with brown. It turned out astonishing. Would like to use them more often next time. ;)

The outfit was a very floral-ish cut-in-T with high waist short jeans. Necklace was mum's present from Switzerland, a present from her friend.
So sorry for the bad quality. :(

Okay, so here come the bad part, which I've forgotten all the names of the dishes we ordered. I'm so sorry with the memory issue. :X but here are the pictures taken. Hope you guys and differentiate them through pictures.

I only remember this is mum's dish. Only remember it's a fish set but forgot what is the name of the dish.

Dad's bento.

My Char Wan Zhen, the only name I could remember. xD

Didi some kind of squid dishes with rice set. very nice. <3

At last, we had green tea flavour ice-cream for dessert. Frankly, it was so-so cause we had tasted a better one at Miyako, but it was still eat-able. ;)

Lastly, as a memory, a picture of me with my dad.

Daddy, your girl is missing you sooooooo much now and would like to say thank you for everything.

Dad I love you and I'm so lucky to be your daughter! <3

Happy Birthday ;)