Saturday, October 20, 2012

McDonald is an Addiction

I had McD Opening ceremony last week and the crowd was..... HUGE.

I'm in GAY Mood when I heard that McD company is coming their way to build a new restaurant here, near our campus. 

and it's really so near...... In walking distance. :)

I'm on seventh heaven.

Life is beautiful.

These are the pictures taken during their first day of opening. Me and my classmates, and also some other friends, met and enjoyed this joyful moment. 

Every counter was packed with at least 8 people lining up. So freaking love it cause it feel so KL-ish. 

My friends said I was crazy to lined up in the crowd, I answered: "Why not? This is FUN!" .

Can you note the point in the picture above? hahahaha.

It was my first time tasting Samurai Burger. Everyone said it's nice so I decided to give it a try, but well, I'm not a fan of it. but it's worth a  try though. ;)

The boys ignored the girls because of this... =.=

This reminds me of my youth. *Well I'm still young, am I not? " xD

So full after the dish...  :X

Don't know what will happened next cause I'm visiting them almost everyday... Guess I'll become Big Fat Eleanor if I don't stop this addiction uh? *finger crossed*

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