Monday, October 22, 2012

Dad's Birthday

Today is my Dad's Birthday, it is so bad not to celebrate his birthday cause I'm away in Kelantan, suffering from the torture of exam. T.T

His birthday reminds me of my lovely family, so I'm gonna post a short entry about one of the activities we had when we were in Raya holiday.

My family love Japanese food, mum even brought us to Miyako for the superb Japanese buffet ever. You can read the entry here. 

So this is not an exception, we decided to visit Sushi King since I was craving for it. Kelantan was so poor to built a sushi restaurant, or else I will be glad to visit them very often. ;)

Decided to try on green and yellow eye shadow since I was bored with brown. It turned out astonishing. Would like to use them more often next time. ;)

The outfit was a very floral-ish cut-in-T with high waist short jeans. Necklace was mum's present from Switzerland, a present from her friend.
So sorry for the bad quality. :(

Okay, so here come the bad part, which I've forgotten all the names of the dishes we ordered. I'm so sorry with the memory issue. :X but here are the pictures taken. Hope you guys and differentiate them through pictures.

I only remember this is mum's dish. Only remember it's a fish set but forgot what is the name of the dish.

Dad's bento.

My Char Wan Zhen, the only name I could remember. xD

Didi some kind of squid dishes with rice set. very nice. <3

At last, we had green tea flavour ice-cream for dessert. Frankly, it was so-so cause we had tasted a better one at Miyako, but it was still eat-able. ;)

Lastly, as a memory, a picture of me with my dad.

Daddy, your girl is missing you sooooooo much now and would like to say thank you for everything.

Dad I love you and I'm so lucky to be your daughter! <3

Happy Birthday ;)

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  1. Kelantan isn't that poor to not have some japanese restaurants. It's just the response wasn't that positive causing some of these restaurant to close down even before most of us notice them. It's a sad case actually :( However I noticed there's a Japanese restaurant in town if I'm not mistaken~ and of course, some hotels provide sushi too, I think~