Friday, October 19, 2012


Credit to Winwei for her Samsung phone. =)

There are so many pictures to be shared , but I'm reaching my sem-end exam soon, so I'll have to rush and rush to get done with updating photos. xD

I'm sorry for not updating my blog since...... Hell knows.

It means my examination season is around the corner.
So freaking soon. *Scared*

Just went to photoshooting and probably the last photoshooting in this semester. Will see if I have any appointment ;)

This post is about my school activites. I've taken many pictures so I would like to share it with you. <3

It's a Teaching Material Exihibition, where we, teacher trainees, were asked to create different teaching materials using our creativity and innovation. 

So here is it and and Enjoy! ;)

My Hou Ji Mui Michelle <3

My pretty Roomate. <3
Piikachu diffinitely attracts the pupils <3

Winwei Cute face! ^^

Last but not least, a joke from the photos below. *LOL if you are able to notice it* 

Good Night! <3

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