Friday, September 25, 2015

Jiran Cafe Kota Bharu

Hey there
I have just came back from Langkawi trip,
and thought about updating my blog!

My blog have been really dusty since I haven't update any post for the part few weeks.
Graduation was in a hurry and crazy mood.
I have been really busy with thesis, assignments, exam, presentations, and shifting my things back to hometown. 

Now that I have finally settled few things before I start my new life in Pulau Ketam,
I try my best to spend some time to finished some of the posts that were left untouched.
There are actually quite a lot of good restaurants I have  thought of sharing them with you guys so I shall not procrastinate. 

So today, I am sharing a Malay restaurant with western cuisine to you guys.
It's called the Jiran Cafe
(scroll to the end to know the location and more information.)

The environment is based on Italian style, 
with bricks and woods and tuned into a warm lighting.
Really good to look on real eyes, 
but bad to captured good pictures in here since the light is a lil too soft. 

The open-air kitchen,
clean and highly organised.
allowing customers to watch how the chefs working and serve their foods.
I like this concept very much because it makes me feel 'safe' to eat their food. 
I can pretty much assure that my food is served in a good hand. 

The walls are decorated with few decorations
Simple and delicate. 
Just nice.

Here comes the food!

Seafood Aglio Olio.
I am not really keen on eating aglio olio but this one,
It's really nice!
Just the right amount of olive oil,
topped with bacons and my favourite cherries,
it creates a mild taste with a lil sweetness.
This is one of the best Aglio Olio I have tried so far. 

Chicken Chop.
They comes with two choice of sauces (if I am not mistaken),
black pepper or barbeque sauce
The whole serving is so large that you can share it with your friends.
The chicken is crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. 
Well-cooked, and tasted good even eating on its own.

Besides that, 
Italian pizzas are served there as well. 
There are quite a few choices of pizzas, 
but the taste is just on the average level. 
If you really crave for Italian pizzas,
They served the best Italian pizzas in KB town.

Grilled chicken.
I tasted it on the other day of visit. 
It tasted brilliant!
The chicken was well-cooked.
Very juicy and tasted good with the sauce.
and the serving was big as well :)

I have also tried their truffle on the other day of visit. 
(You see I have visited the place quite a few times!)
Not very good, but the what delighted me is that it's not too sweet.

 Jiran Cafe is worth to pay a visit.
They are quite a few things that I haven't got the chance to try on,
but most of the food there are pretty good in taste.
Their price is cheap and consider reasonable by its serving. 

I will end this post with this lovely quote that hanged around the restaurant. 

Happy eating :) 

Jiran Cafe Kota Bharu
Address: Lot 485 Kg Telok Baru, Jalan Demit, 15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan
GPS: 6.109638, 102.281485
Contact: 012 955 6477
Opening Hour: (Everyday) from 5.00pm to 12.00am