Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bike Station @ Kota Bharu

Hey there
trying to update you about a new restaurant I found in KB.
it's called the "Bike Station" 
so basically, bike (aka bicycle) is their main theme.
Scroll down if you want to know more :)

They have quite a few bike hanging around the wall,
which kinda remind me of that "Wheelers Cafe" in Penang

The restaurant is on the first floor
The base was actually like a whole lot of bikes ready to rent.
So if you want some activity to do during the evening,
rent their bike for a stroll around the town,
and get back for a refreshing meal. :)
Guided KB Bicycle Tour
(scroll down for more info)

The environment of the restaurant at the first floor.
Not totally related to the theme but well,
they have enough of that downstairs :D

There's quite few accessories ready to sell at the corner of the stairs. 
Feel free to check them out :)

I'm guessing the restaurant owner is a Taiwanese since the goods here are
Like the Taiwan's accessories.

Anyway, jump into the food paradise! :D

Jing Wen's Tapas kinda thing. 
Couldn't remember the name of the dishes LOL :D
It's quite delicious but it will not be enough for a big eater for me. 

Mine Chicken Chop Rice. 
I have not regret. 
The  sweet and sour sauce hasn't been too much. 
The rice is just enough to tempt my stomach, 
and the chicken has fried in a good way that it is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. 
Make my stomach so happy that day :D

Nee's Sichuan noodle 炸酱面
It's kinda more of a healthy food choice in my opinion,
But Nee said it was tasteless. 
The amount of sauce is not balance with the amount of noodles. 
So it makes the taste mild. 
Would be better if they have more sauce for such huge bowl of noodles. 

The dessert I have ordered. 
Banana Chocolate Ice Blend. 
Came out that the ice was not fully blend,
more like cubes for me.
and the chocolate was not enough to be called cocholate.
The Banana was indeed the main thing,
but overall, nothing special about it. 

we have a wonderful night together.
It was not about the food,
it's about the moment we spend together. 

Regarding the place,
I would say there're a lot to be improved. 
Malay food was accepted,
but not the others.
It's a good place to hang out with friends.
Environment was nice,
so if you want some good place to chill,
this can be it. :)
However, I have seen quite a few new dishes coming up on their FB sides, 
All look tempting!
Would give them a try on the next visit!

Good luck trying! :)

Bike Station
Adress: Menara Tinjau Tambatan D'Raja, Jalan Sultan, Kota Bharu
Contact: 09-747 4007
Opening Hours:
Mon-Tue:         2:00 pm - 12:00 am
Thu-Sun:         2:00 pm - 12:00 am

Bike Rental Available at Bike Station :
- Guided KB on Bicycles Tour (RM50/adult, RM40/Student).
- Free and Easy Cycle (RM45/day).
- Night Ride Fun (RM9.90).
Term & Condition:
- Guided KB Bicycles Tour: 5 person per tour, with tour guide
- Free and Easy Cycle: min 3 person, self guided bicycle tour with RM20.00 for the first hour, every subsequent hour RM5.00. (Max hour will charge RM45.00).
- Night Ride Fun : 30min ride in town, min 3 person in team with tour guide
Start from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. , 30 min ride.
FREE 1 ice tea drink after the ride.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gold Coast, Australia 10D9N Trip

I surrender.
Took me so long to edit and upload this entry!
How on earth can someone compiled what you have done for a ten-day-trip into a blog?
I did. yeay. -.-

Just because I make it short,
doesn't mean that I haven't show you the best thing kay.

I spent the whole afternoon uploading the whole damn pictures.
This is crazy because the line worked so well few days back but not today. 
Shit why they are so mean to me

Now let me show you my whole journey down Gold Coast during June Holiday.
I have to say that I really like it there.
Would like to explore more about the English culture countries when I have the money and time later :)

I have compiled my whole trip into a video blog (vlog) a while ago,
in here you can have all the details of where I have been to during this whole journey.
So take a look!

So besides video,
I too took some pictures along the journey.
Some of them are not in the vlog so I thought I'd share.

Let's start the journey! :)
Literally spent more than 4 minutes to the departure hall.
One of the thing I hate the most about KLIA2.

After 8 hours of flight,
we reached and were brought to our first hotel.
The Mantra Circle on Cavill. 
Beautiful scenery from the balcony. 
Blessed! :D

Went out for a walk.
Too cold for the first day so I have to wrap myself up to avoid getting sick 
Do I look cute here? hahahaha!

Stopped by the delicatessen to have some cupcakes and coffee. :)

Went for pizza after that.
I'm such a huge eater :P
(with mum) 

Went to the Surfers Paradise beach
The sand on top was hot but the bottom was cold.
Something really interesting during the winter in Aussie. 

Noticed some of the Australians eating a whole big of wrap,
dad went to discover and found out it was kebab.
8.50 in aussie means around 24 ringgit for a kebab.
Crazy, but it was really big and delicious.
So I guess it was worth it. 

After all, I had such a full stomach at the very first day of arrival :D

Was astonished by the night view of Surfers Paradise!

Although it was cold during the night,
me and my dad had this crazy dare to try out their ice-cream.
Damn it, it was super delicious. 

Yummy face to captured :P

Dad has a nice place to catch up the night view. :)

Oh, don't forget to show you guys how beautiful our room was!
It was just beside the beach,
so we were able to catch the pretty sea view on the days :)

Mum made the delicious breakfast by using their sausages. 
Wasn't really getting used to the taste, but it was ok :)

Went to the Wet n' Wild Water world!

Crazy day with my crazy dad,
and a bunch of teenagers of my mom's friend's kids. 

The next morning, something really beautiful strike the day before the sun came out.
It somehow remind me of the story of the Goddess of Athena. :D
*Zeus is on his way, ehem*

Went to the garden and  wild life sanctuary. :D

With Mum and Dad. 

One thing to try in Gold Coast is their fish and chips,
according to Adam, the Australian who sat beside me during the flight. 

It was like the one in Fish Manhattan,
but the fish is so much juicier.
and the fries was nice too!

Always love lemonade,
however this one is a little too sweet for me. :)

Went to Jupiter, the one and only casino in Gold Coast. 
Didn't enter the casino, instead,
took picha with dad. :P

thrift shopping. 

My dad was such a 'model'.

The next morning, we have different kind of scenery from the balcony. :)

Park-realxing before we went to the Sea world. 

(dophine show)
You can catch a glimpse of it in my video. 

Three of this delight cost us more than RM 100.
So ready your pocket, Malaysians. 

Jet Ski
(watch them in my video too!)

Went for another treat after the long day. :)

Went Tagalooma Island  on the next day.
Misson: Dolphine and Whale!

On the way to catch a glimpse of the wild whales!

There you are! Hi! :)
It was tremendous to see this huge animal in real life! 
I was literally screaming and forgot the capture more pictures during the time.

Went back afterwards for a rest,
 then went out to the beach during the evening for dolphin feeding session.  

Those tiny lil creatures behind was actually dolphins.
We went and feed them for real! 
Nope, we aint eating the fish, 
it was meant for the dolphins hahaha! :D

The next day,
Movie world!

4D show- Rio

Escape - It was the most exciting roller coaster I have sat ever! :D

Watch how the coaster works on my video!

With Mr. Bat Man. 

With the most friendly driver who gave me and mom a pair of koala bear toys! :)

The next day,
Paradise Country.
This kangaroo must be very scared of me... :(

Little baby koala.... <3

Some delight we had during the show.  


Went to Harbour Town,
the niggest shopping centre in town. 
We can actually see wild parrots along the way.
(they will be killed if they were in Malaysia lol)

The small and the big version of boomerang.

The next apartment
we checked in Q1 Skypoint
The highest hotel in Gold Coast.  

The next morning,
we had a FANTASTIC Buffet at their 77th cafe.

My fav Egg Benedict. ^^

Big Breakfast.
Was indeed BIG. 

With my beautiful mom :)

Not to forget,
Me and my dad actually climbed up to the highest point at skypoint
By attending the Skypoint Climb course. 

It was crzazy!
We were so high! :D
If you are an adventurous person,
check them out here!

I guess that's it for this entry!

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I was actually travelling under a tour package customized by Eazy Travel.
They have the best package for places in Malaysia,
till countries all around the world!

Best thing is,
they can help you in customizing your tour!

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Good Luck! :)