Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bike Station @ Kota Bharu

Hey there
trying to update you about a new restaurant I found in KB.
it's called the "Bike Station" 
so basically, bike (aka bicycle) is their main theme.
Scroll down if you want to know more :)

They have quite a few bike hanging around the wall,
which kinda remind me of that "Wheelers Cafe" in Penang

The restaurant is on the first floor
The base was actually like a whole lot of bikes ready to rent.
So if you want some activity to do during the evening,
rent their bike for a stroll around the town,
and get back for a refreshing meal. :)
Guided KB Bicycle Tour
(scroll down for more info)

The environment of the restaurant at the first floor.
Not totally related to the theme but well,
they have enough of that downstairs :D

There's quite few accessories ready to sell at the corner of the stairs. 
Feel free to check them out :)

I'm guessing the restaurant owner is a Taiwanese since the goods here are
Like the Taiwan's accessories.

Anyway, jump into the food paradise! :D

Jing Wen's Tapas kinda thing. 
Couldn't remember the name of the dishes LOL :D
It's quite delicious but it will not be enough for a big eater for me. 

Mine Chicken Chop Rice. 
I have not regret. 
The  sweet and sour sauce hasn't been too much. 
The rice is just enough to tempt my stomach, 
and the chicken has fried in a good way that it is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. 
Make my stomach so happy that day :D

Nee's Sichuan noodle 炸酱面
It's kinda more of a healthy food choice in my opinion,
But Nee said it was tasteless. 
The amount of sauce is not balance with the amount of noodles. 
So it makes the taste mild. 
Would be better if they have more sauce for such huge bowl of noodles. 

The dessert I have ordered. 
Banana Chocolate Ice Blend. 
Came out that the ice was not fully blend,
more like cubes for me.
and the chocolate was not enough to be called cocholate.
The Banana was indeed the main thing,
but overall, nothing special about it. 

we have a wonderful night together.
It was not about the food,
it's about the moment we spend together. 

Regarding the place,
I would say there're a lot to be improved. 
Malay food was accepted,
but not the others.
It's a good place to hang out with friends.
Environment was nice,
so if you want some good place to chill,
this can be it. :)
However, I have seen quite a few new dishes coming up on their FB sides, 
All look tempting!
Would give them a try on the next visit!

Good luck trying! :)

Bike Station
Adress: Menara Tinjau Tambatan D'Raja, Jalan Sultan, Kota Bharu
Contact: 09-747 4007
Opening Hours:
Mon-Tue:         2:00 pm - 12:00 am
Thu-Sun:         2:00 pm - 12:00 am

Bike Rental Available at Bike Station :
- Guided KB on Bicycles Tour (RM50/adult, RM40/Student).
- Free and Easy Cycle (RM45/day).
- Night Ride Fun (RM9.90).
Term & Condition:
- Guided KB Bicycles Tour: 5 person per tour, with tour guide
- Free and Easy Cycle: min 3 person, self guided bicycle tour with RM20.00 for the first hour, every subsequent hour RM5.00. (Max hour will charge RM45.00).
- Night Ride Fun : 30min ride in town, min 3 person in team with tour guide
Start from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. , 30 min ride.
FREE 1 ice tea drink after the ride.

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