Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cameron Highland 2D1N Trip (Place of Attractions & Foods!)

Hello there!
Today I'm gonna share about my trip up to Cameron Highland with a bunch of my friends during the holiday. 
We planned it in a rush since we haven't got anything to do, plus we thought of making it the graduation trip :)

So here I'm gonna show you lots of pictures. 
More than 100 pictures in a post so bare with me a little :D
Have to update real quickly since someone is pushing me to upload it asap haha!
So here we go!

we went to the grapes farm.

Besides grapes, there's also different vegetables planted.

You can also watch the real cute packaging process in the factory. 
Really interesting. 

Nest, we've moved to Lavender Farm

One thing you couldn't miss when you are in Cameron is the chocolate strawberry!
So yummy!

After that, 
we had lunch at Chong Kee Restarant.

It's a really affordable and friendly restaurant so I would recommend to you guys! :)

Another thing to do in Cameron is

Tons of vegetables sold in the market
Fresh and Cheap!

Oh, flowers as well!

And also food! :)
There are the fried sweet potato balls on the left,
and steamed sweet potato on the right.
Both are delicious!

Next we went to the cactus farm!

Besides cactus, they are selling many different kind of flowers and plants. 

Some random pictures hahaha~

Next, we went to the one and only one Buddhist temple in Cameron. 

And then, Starbucks!

Hiding in the coffee shop from the cold weather means scrolling the phones :P

After that we went to checked in.
The place that we were staying in is a budget apartment named
Holiday Apartment. 
located in Tanah Rata, Greenhill Resort. 
It's quite near to the town, so you can easily access to other entertainment. 
It's really a beautiful place to stay. 
I give a five stars for a budget hotel.
Wifi is available but it's running slow, 
otherwise it is fine! *Thumbs up*
contact: David at 019-5260707

After quick shower, 
we went for dinner at Water Cress Valley
It's a steamboat restaurant. 
(A steamboat is a hot pot dishes, 
consisting of a simmering metal pot of stock and varieties of stew at the center of the dining table.
You can choose to put whatever ingredients to the soup in the pot and enjoy.)

The theme of the the restaurant is the water cress plant (西洋菜)
The water cress is self-planted by the owner so it's freshly picked from his own farm.

One thing I really like about this place is the environment. 
It's built opened-air, facing the beautiful scenery in Cameron,
allowing customers to enjoy the beautiful God's creation. 

Before we start the meal, we ate some strawberries brought from the market. 

Super yummy!

Get ready to start!


After the dinner,
we headed to Brinchang's night market.

Didn't take any more photos as it was too crowded there.
Plus we were busy shopping :D

During late night,
we went for a small drink near our apartment. 
Night life in Cameron can be a little boring since everyone is hiding in their room from the cold weather. 

Second day, 
we went to Boh Plantation Sungai Palas for breakfast. 
I'm acting weird here LOL

I really like this restaurant because it is built on top of the tea hill with transparent glass!
It allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery and at the same time keeping you away from the cold wind!
My top favorite place after all! :D

It's strawberries time again! :D

We went to Mossy Forest for a short jungle trekking session. 
I didn't know it can be so cold up the hill so I wore the wrong pants. :D

While we were walking along the tracks, 
we went across the border between Pahang and Perak.

I'm telling you it's really cold!

I only have a jacket to keep my body warm while my both leg were freezing hahahaa! :D

Before we went back, 
we went to buy some veggies to bring home with us. 

One thing you can't miss in Cameron is their sweet corns!
There are two types of sweet corns in Cameron,
the bi-colour pearl corn and the fruit corn.
Compare to sweet corn planted in other places, Cameron's sweet corn in juicier, sweeter, and more crunchy!
It can even be eaten raw!
Bi-colour pearl corn

Sweet corn

Next, lunch before the long journey at Yee Yew restaurant. (益友海鲜饭店)

All right!
Finally done writing this blog!
Hope you guys enjoy!
Love from the gang, muacks! <3


  1. Eleanor, you're quite pretty! The photos of the strawberry farms brought back fond memories! Some great photos with amazing colors!
    here are my Cameron Highlands adventures to share with you :)
    Near Death in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia hope you enjoy!

  2. Water Cress Valley ??? Never heard of that before must check that out when I visit .Thanks for sharing. Great blog & beautiful pictures !

  3. Hi, I'm planning a trip to cameron highlands this July. May i know is your farms visit under package kind or u drove? May I know is it possible to walk from farm to farm?


    1. Hi anonymous, we drive there on our trip. It is not possible to walk from farm to farm.

  4. may i know how did long the mossy forest took?

    1. it's about one hour? couldn't remember already :D

  5. May I know izit the strawberry price is same as market price?

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  7. Hi Eleanor, great article with a lot of nice pictures to describe the place. Didn't know that there's Starbucks in Cameron Highland! I wrote an article about some of the best places to take pictures in cameron highland. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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  10. Nice one ! Thanks for sharing ya

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