Friday, August 22, 2014

Turn the Summer Ootd Into Fall Ootd

Helololor there!
Well, the title says it all. 
So here you go!

I was fully inspired to do blog about it because I know girls,
Your Wardrobe is in a MESS.

When you have too many clothes in the cupboard but you still have no idea how to wear on trend,
Here you come to the right place.

I am a very pocket-tight person so I always think MORE THAN TWICE when I buy a dressing.
Whatever it is, including the underwear I bought has the reason why I bought them.
I'll make sure I can get full used of them before I kick their asses into my wardrobe.

So that day, 
I was wondering if I can mix match summer dress and make it into a fall Ootd. 
So here's my advice:
1) Find something we called the ADD-ON: jacket, lace, socks, etc
2) colour match with anything pale. (When you come to fall you will know the trend is mostly on pale and nude colour)
3) Minimize the accessories, but if you are the hard core accessories fans, go with nude and pale colour as well. :)

Here' some of my example. ;)

Summer Ootd                           Turn-Fall Ootd
The Add-On: Jacket

Summer Ootd                           Turn-Fall Ootd
The Add-On: Scarf

Summer Ootd                           Turn-Fall Ootd
The Add-On: Another Piece of Clothes. BIG ONE.

The Summer (left) go with bright colour, but the Fall (right) go with nude and pale colour :)

Selection of Shoe style
The Add-On: Socks. 

All right!
Hope you guys gain something from here!
Would also love to hear your Turn Summer to Fall Ootd idea! :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Arnold Cycling Cafe, KB Mall

Hello there!
Gosh I am so bored with my practiccum!
It just feels like as if I have been teaching for a year!
Can't get a breath, 
sometimes I even feel like dying when the morning alarm rings. 

I am glad that I found this newly open cafe at Kota Bharu to cheer me up.

Welcome the Arnold Cycling Cafe!

Probably the iconic statue here ;)

In Arnold, you are able to see a pretty lady walking and serving around.
Do not panic to stop by and say hi,
because she is the 2014 Mrs Malaysia World Congeniality Queen, 
Mrs Mandy Kang.
and yes, she is one of the owner of this shop ;)

We had a good day chit chat that day,
so we took a lot of pictures that day, 
that was one of it. :)

According to Mandy,
Arnold Cycling cafe originates from Penang, 
and the one I am showing you guys here is their first branch. 
I am glad that they even considered to make it at KB cause we indeed need something like this in the jungle.
The food they sels here are mostly cake and beverage.
Coffee is their best offer so do stop by and give them a shot, coffeeholics! :D

First, stop by the counter for order ;)
Something I really like because it remind me of Starbucks :D

All the paintings and decoration around the cafe.

And here, comes yours truly :P

They even serve plain water in the cafe for free.
If you are a serious coffee lover, you will know what is it for ;)

But I have no idea what the ketchup and chillies sauce are for though ><

From Mandy,
Their coffee beans are from Brazil. 
She is the one promoted the cappuccino so I have give it a try.
And guys, I didn't regret ;)

HP's Caramel Macchiato 
There's a design of a bear being locked up in a cage.
CARAMEL CAGE hahaha <3
And this is the best caramel macchiato I have ever tried.
I have never known caramel could be just not-that-sweet :)
(if you are a sweet tooth, there is a booth for you to add sugar or syrup according to your desire)

My love <3

Black Hokkaido Crepe
Their selling point in Arnold, according to Mandy again, is the cartoons drawn on the plate. 
and they taste nice! ;)

Oreo Crepe!
Simply thin enough that I couldn't even notice the layer between them ;)

All right 
Time to chao!
Hope you guys enjoy! :D

Arnold Cycling Cafe Kota Bharu
Location: 2nd Floor of  KB Mall, besides Fipper Slipper Stores.
Opening Hours: 10am  to 10pm
Facebook: <Click here>

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

EQ Feringghi Hotel, Penang Budget Hotel

Hello there!
Today I am going to share with you guys my experience at Ginger's hotel at Penang.
I had a great experience there so I definitely would like to share the great deal with you guys! :D

EQ Feringghi Hotel 

Located at Batu Feringghi,
It is a budget hotel very near to everything you will need throughout your  travel.

First of all,
yours truly at the reception area  :P

They have all the information your need when you travel.
There are broshure, posters and other informative pictures up on the wall.
Feel free to ask for more at the reception counter, they are very friendly :)

On the way to the room, you can see the concept of greenery feeling in the hotel.
The place is clean and neat. 

At the centre of the blok you will find a hole down to the bottom.
I am sure this is for airway purpose and they have made it a very nice design out of it ;)

My room during my travel.

This is a double bed room.
Ginger was very kind :)
The room is very big and clean.
For a BUDGET hotel I can say this is worth it.

And welcome to Ginger Cafe!

A very clean place for a great breakfast.
(They only serve breakfast here that's why you see empty chairs and tables now).

Menu are at the reception counter 
so you got to choose from the two sets.
They only cost you RM 6
and it's made by Ginger the GREAT CHEF.

My breakfast on the very next day.
Yummy! <3

Brought the laptop down cuz WIFI!

I was astonished by the toilet decoration so I took this pic :P

And also,
the pictures taken with Ginger's staffs cause they asked for it 

Also, Ginger are bulding a new dorm concept room for those who are on a very tight budget!
And guys let me tell you,
this is going to be AWESOME.

All right that's it for tonight!

EQ Feringghi Hotel

17, Lorong Sungai Emas, Batu Ferringhi, Penang, Malaysia 11100

Nearest transport:
Batu Feringghi (0.5 Km / 6 min walk)

 Area recommended for:
family fun

 Distance to airport:
Penang International Airport (20.0 Km)

Customer comments:
"Great food" , "Near beach" , "Nice environment"

Top attractions in the area:
Batu Ferringhi Sidewalk Bazaar (0.5 Km / 6 min walk)
Batu Feringghi Night Market (1.0 Km / 12 min walk)
Tanjung Bungah Beach (3.8 Km)
Penang Cultural Centre (4.0 Km)

airport transfer
car park
coffee shop
car park

Room Types:
Family - Double King

For more enquiries: <click here>

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Card Cafe, Klang Valley

Hello Everyone!

I know it has been like what?
a month since my last update?
Ok ok I gotta explain this.

First the crazy practicumm kicked in so I was thinking that I will repay my debt during the raya holiday.
Then I left my beloved laptop on the very last day of school before the holiday kicked in.
So everything was in a mess.
And thus, I couldn't update because all the pretty leng leng pictures are all in my laptop which I am 'pressing' and 'touching' it right now.

Back to the topic.

Let me bring you to a nice theme cafe at Klang.
I was so surprised by how developed my own little kinda-rural-but-still-lovely hometown.
It's named "Card Cafe"

When there with a bunch of old schoolmates for chit chatting, 
at the same time discovering new restaurant around Klang area :)

Say hi to the ladies :P

With the name of 'card', 
may be most people thought about "poker cards"
Unfortunately this is just some "healthy business" restaurant,
So they put business cards and some name cards as decoration.
Still, pretty much there. ;)


Their dessert selection.

My dessert of the day: Opera
RM 8.00
The mild chocolate moose cake. Very creamy and taste sweet.
Will be better if it taste bitter (under my preference). ;) 

Catherine's Hazelnut Torte
RM 8.00
I will say it's nice, but still, too sweet for me.
Apparently I don't have sweet tooth so it's not my taste ;)

Strike a casual pose before eating :P

My Vanilla Latte.
RM 9.00
I love the design on top. Very classy with every detail it gives.
The taste was nice. 
not too sweet 
with a slight vanilla taste.
and the coffee doesn't stink the tongue, 
which is just nice. ;)

My Card Cafe Platter
RM 11.90
Very decent.
Nothing very special about it.
The best is the mushroom cream and 
the worst would be the overcooked onion bread.
So hard that I would throw it to the wall and it is still in it's initial shape =.=

Spaghetti Aglio Olio ordered by Yvonne.
RM 13.90
She said it was nice, I said it was decent.
But since she's the pickier one so you guys could give it a try ;)

Catherine's Chocolate Milk
RM 9.00
I never tried any chocolate drink at any shop so I wouldn't give my comment a count.
Anyway Cath can't even finish it.
Grilled Chicken Chop 
RM 16.90
Better than my platter, so I will give it a yes.
However the serving size is too small for the price.

Joanne's Chocolate Milk
RM 11.00 
She said it was decent, so as I.
Nothing special except the glass design at the bottom.

Pizza Quattro
RM 10.90
Joanne and I were discussing on how to eat it as the filling is different on each quarter.
(Man I didn't know it's a Quattro until I saw the receipt while writing the post or else I would have tell Joanne)
We thought it was bad cause the filling should be mixed up.
But since now I know it's a Quattro then I think this is good! ;)
#sillyme :D

All right that's the wrap for this post!
Hope you guys don't get too hungry looking at those pictures! ;D

Happy Feast!

The Card Cafe:
 Address: Lorong Batu Nilam 21B, 41200 Klang
Opening Hours: Tue - Sun: 11:00 am - 1:00 am