Monday, November 24, 2014

Pinaon / Penang Time Tunnel - The New 3D Mural Art Museum

Have you guys heard of Pinaon / Penang Time Tunnel?

This is a real interesting place to visit while you're in Penang!

It's a newly open museum in 2013, 
and believe me,
it's way better than Penang 3D Musuem!
( no offense :D )

Read till the end to find out how to got there! ;)

Penang Time Tunnel is named due to the concept of retelling the history of Penang.
As in you are walking back to the time where Francis Light came and conquered the island.

For this musuem, 
I can say it's parted into four partitions:
1) The History Museum 
2) The 3D Mural Art
3) The Fluorescence Room
4) The 3D Inverted Room

So let me bring you back in time! :)

The 1st part:
The History Museum 

The 2nd Part:
 The 3D Mural Art

 The 3rd part:
The Fluorescence Room 

Taken without flash

Basically the painting 'glowing' in the dark,
and they look super beautiful in the dark :) 

Taken without flash, your face will be totally lost in the dark :D

What you need to do is to 
turn on your flash mode, pose, and press the shutter button ;)

Continue with the 3D Mural Art: (The Mirror Method)

The 4th Part:
The Inverted Room

What is so special in this room is that you look like you are living in the inverted room,
or you are floating in the air against the gravity pull ;)

I really love this place because it's so may things to explore yet the price is so cheap!

It need LOTS and LOTS of time in the museum,
so make sure you have enough of these things:
1) Enough of water supply
2) Enough of body energy
3) Enough of camera battery :)

Snap Snap Snap!

Penang Time Tunnel
Address: Jalan Green Hall, Georgetown, 10200 Pulau Pinang
Phone: 04 261 9181
Visiting Hours: [Daily] 9:30 am - 7:00 pm (last admission ad 6:00 pm)
Ticket Price:
Adult: RM 22.00 / RM 14.00 (Mykad/Mykid)
[5-12 year-old] Child: RM 12.00 / RM 7.00 (MyKad/Mykid)
Student: RM 14.00 (Valid Student ID) / RM 7.00 (MyKad/MyKid)
Website: click here

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Favourite Cafe, Penang

Was raining a little the moment we walked to the next station, 
Favourite Cafe.

Saw the first popular wall painting, 
couldn't resist the temptation of shooting.

Break a pose
hit the shutter,
and off we go. :D

Just another 5 minutes,
and we've reached the destination. 

It's located somewhere peace and quite (Read further to get the address)
The street is so quite and all other shops are closed.
From far far away you can the the words shining different colours
simple and pretty. 

The place is warm and cozy
Full with lightning and decoration
The cafe is made up of the 60 century classic style.
Tables made up of wood while chairs are all in my favourite turquoise colour.

Love the almost antique wall pictures all around the cafe.

A little choice of cakes.

Favourite cafe not only offer cake and baverage
but they also serve main course with reasonable price.
However we went there after our dinner so we were unable to try their food. 

Tea time with Marilyn Monroe and other pretty women of the 1940s till 1960s.
There's nothing better than that. ;)

Simple peach tea
surprisingly not too sweet.

One of their best drink will be green tea coffee
With the mild green tea smell 
I would say tat this is quite a good drink.
will be on top of my coffee list of it's a non-sweet drink.

Jing Wen's hot chocolate
I really love the art on top
delicate and yet sophisticated.
However it's not my favourite drink because of the sweetness inside. 

One thing I really like about the cafe is that it provide few games and book for the customers
You can grab whatever games and book that you like and spent your time in this beautiful place.
However the place could be a little too noisy when the customers are playing jenga (from my experience)

Credit to Jing Wen for this real beautiful candid shot. :)

Overall I would say this is a very beautiful theme cafe
I wouldn't comment much about the food there because we haven't tried enough.
but the price is reasonable from what I saw via the menu provided.
Would love to come back here again for the next trip! :D

Some food pictures grabbed from their fb page,
which make my saliva drool :D
Town's Gangster

Chicken Burger

Mushroom Chicken Chop

Favourite Cafe's  Signature: Mentaiko Chicken

Can't believe I just missed this!
Would definitely come back for this!

Favourite Cafe's menu and food price:

Anyway this is the end of this post
Hope you guys enjoy! ;)

Yours truly. ;)

Favourite Cafe
Address: 205, Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown, 10300 Pulau Pinang
Phone:04-261 1916
Opening  Hours: 12:00 pm – 12:00 am
Facebook add: click here!