Monday, November 24, 2014

Pinaon / Penang Time Tunnel - The New 3D Mural Art Museum

Have you guys heard of Pinaon / Penang Time Tunnel?

This is a real interesting place to visit while you're in Penang!

It's a newly open museum in 2013, 
and believe me,
it's way better than Penang 3D Musuem!
( no offense :D )

Read till the end to find out how to got there! ;)

Penang Time Tunnel is named due to the concept of retelling the history of Penang.
As in you are walking back to the time where Francis Light came and conquered the island.

For this musuem, 
I can say it's parted into four partitions:
1) The History Museum 
2) The 3D Mural Art
3) The Fluorescence Room
4) The 3D Inverted Room

So let me bring you back in time! :)

The 1st part:
The History Museum 

The 2nd Part:
 The 3D Mural Art

 The 3rd part:
The Fluorescence Room 

Taken without flash

Basically the painting 'glowing' in the dark,
and they look super beautiful in the dark :) 

Taken without flash, your face will be totally lost in the dark :D

What you need to do is to 
turn on your flash mode, pose, and press the shutter button ;)

Continue with the 3D Mural Art: (The Mirror Method)

The 4th Part:
The Inverted Room

What is so special in this room is that you look like you are living in the inverted room,
or you are floating in the air against the gravity pull ;)

I really love this place because it's so may things to explore yet the price is so cheap!

It need LOTS and LOTS of time in the museum,
so make sure you have enough of these things:
1) Enough of water supply
2) Enough of body energy
3) Enough of camera battery :)

Snap Snap Snap!

Penang Time Tunnel
Address: Jalan Green Hall, Georgetown, 10200 Pulau Pinang
Phone: 04 261 9181
Visiting Hours: [Daily] 9:30 am - 7:00 pm (last admission ad 6:00 pm)
Ticket Price:
Adult: RM 22.00 / RM 14.00 (Mykad/Mykid)
[5-12 year-old] Child: RM 12.00 / RM 7.00 (MyKad/Mykid)
Student: RM 14.00 (Valid Student ID) / RM 7.00 (MyKad/MyKid)
Website: click here

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