Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hua Hin - The Heaven in Thailand (Guides and Tips)

Wanna know where is this freaking pretty place is located?

Then continue reading :)

Caution: This is a freaking long post with freaking damn lots of pictures 
(contain camwhore and selfie and of course, pretty pictures like no others).
Read at your own risk.

So Where The Heck the place is?
Hua Hin is located in Thailand, 
a place200km south from Bangkok.
So obviously, after travelling at Bangkok,
We moved straight down to Hua Hin.

A yummy traditional food of Thai. Forget what the name is as I have lost all the information I dotted down on the lost phone.
F you the stealer!

We travelled along the road while heading south.

First place: Maeklong Railway.
The railway runs for nearly 67 km between Bangkok and Central Thailand.
The railway became famous for its route through the Maeklong Railway Market, nicknamed (Thai: Talad Rom Hoop), meaning the 'Umbrella Pulldown Market'. It is one of the largest fresh seafood markets in Thailand, and is centred around the Maeklong Railway's track.Whenever a train approaches, the awnings and shop fronts are moved back from the rails, to be replaced once the train has passed. 

Watch the video:

Pose a few when the railway passed.

Another no-name Thai traditional dessert. 
I freaking hate you stealer!

Next we went to the Floating Market.
According to the tour guides,
this is suppose to be the 'Real' Floating Market since there're lots of other floating market around Thailand.

Mum and me.

Honestly floating market is not a new thing for me as I have always travelled around Thailand.
But I was shocked when I saw the Crazy traffic jam on the water. 

We are stuck!!!

Hahaha All right next stop:
Santorini Park

It was a new place in Huahin,
My Favourite place in Thailand!

It makes you feel like you are really live in Santorini.
(fyi, Santorini really looks like this, some how they successfully imitate the whole concept of the real Santorini in Greece)

(Below) The REAL Santorini Street:

(Below) And how much will you rate for the similarity of the Thai's version of Santorini? ;)
Even the tiles are the same wtf.

Couldn't Help to start to pose.

Okay actually the Santorini are meant to be a shopping complex but I was more attracted to its design.
I don't know how much money and effort Thai government is putting to this gorgeous place but I was impressed!!!
Definitely worth a praise!

Even the window of the shops are decorated with pretty design ><

They have this fun water ball there but I was unable to get into it as I was wearing a skirt LOL

Very summer feel of Santorini ;)

Pathway to the washroom are even decorated with pretty design.

And their Water fountain washroom.
I feel like I was living in the story of Harry Potter the Chamber of Secret.
So cute!

All the 3D Fish swimming out of the wall! 
Piranha!!! xD

Bought an ice-cream with the same colour theme!
The Chocolate flavour taste much better but I was too ignorance to grab the colour out of the theme wtf.

And with the supper candid picha mum took when the ice-cream dripped LOL

Next stop:
Swiss Sheep Farm.

We went all the way from Santorini to Swiss.
And it only took us hours to reached here LOL

You can also grab a chance to feel the goats for free once you paid for the ticket! ;)
(Pictures are all gone with mum's lost phone)

Next, just a modern style of Floating market.
They have modernize the market so that visitor could walk around the market on the bridge.
So I think it should rename to be the Bridge market LOL
Bought another drink of coffee because it's such a waste to skip the stalls! 
Taste so good OMG!

Not much of a people here in the Moderninze Floating market.
But a bunch of students passed by and greeted me Sawadika and Sawadikaap,
They are so freaking adorable! ^^

Some random picha of the pretty decoration they put everywhere in Huahin.
It's like Huahin is the name of Flower and Beautiful
Or maybe, Heaven? 

Even the sweets are made up of different colours!

All right, finished with Santorini and Swiss,
We moved to Venice, The Venezia.
On the same day LOL

Hands up for the fans of Paul Frank!

Hmmmm xD

Totally Venice LOL

All right Time to close the case!
Hope you guys don't vomit after reading the whole picture-ish post.

Happy CNY!