Saturday, January 18, 2014

Windmill 21st Birthday Dinner

This will be my last post about my birthday as I know it will be too bored showing off how good my birthday is wtf. xD
LOL actually I just want to record every happy moment in this blog and share it with you guys.
The happiness is meant to be shared right!?

Okay so my family and I went to Windmill restaurant on my birthday for dinner.
Just a simple dinner.
If you guys know me well then you will know how much I love eating western food.
Prove: I can love eating steak (whatever steak, especially beef)
 I seldom eat meat in my daily life 
(kinda live a half-vegetarian lifestyle).

So Windmill is the best place to reach for western food as it's nearer to my house.
Wise choice! ;)

Mu birthday always comes with Christmas decorations! Pretty enough like me :P

The appetizer? Guess it will just make us full before the food served.

Mushroom soup with the real appetizer, salad.

The Fried banana, sausage, and chicken I can't recall the name as I have lost all the information I dotted down at my lost-phone.

Fish and Chips

Chicken Maryland I guess?

Turkish chicken with cabonara spaghetti.

Ok I look happy with the food but actually the cabonara is disgusting la! ><
The meat is still pretty good though.

Brother had a bit of hand-shake while taking the picture, sorry!

Went back after the dinner for second round with alcohol.
(sorry for non halal a bit) ><

The comes the cake!
from Aunt Li Hoong Thank You!

It was suppose to be a surprise but dad 'betrayed' the rest of the family members by telling me it's in the fridge.
Mum told him about the cake but didn't tell him that 'it was a surprise'
she though he would know and he thought this thing is public.

So he spit it out while driving us to the exposition in the morning.
I was shocked, and nodded like normal.
Mum and bro were like  WHAT-THE-HECK-ARE-YOU-DOING-DAD? face 
and everyone burst out laughing!
*Then only dad knows he breaks the rules*


Simple as this,
Seventh in the Heaven :)

and I know I sincerely have grown up.
My wish wasn't as lame as my previous' again. 
Thank You, Father in Heaven :)

Okay, here comes a short  'Thank You Section' for those who have given me present for my birthday.
I really appreciate them and took pictures of them myself.
Unfortunately I didn't have time to transfer them into my laptop before my phone got stolen.
But anyway,
I tried to search them from the internet so some of those pictures below are copied from sites.

Cabtree and Evelyn set from Chong Siang my best friend from church. Thank You.

Leopard Print Scarf from Tan siblings (Yvonne and Catherine). Thank You.

Sephora has even allow me to redeem my mini pallette bag as a birthday gift! Thank You!

Aubrey's 'Ahem' from Jing Wen LOL 
I guess you guys know what is it by look it the part of it right!?
Can't post the picture of it cause I know there're some people who are 'sensitive' to it. Whatever.
Thank You Jing Wen.

And this crazy Loo make a glass frame. Thank You.

So I'll end it here. Hope everyone is doing great and be happy always.

Thank You, Lord,
for looking after your poor daughter.
I am nothing but you raise me up
You hold me tight when I am weak
and I thank you for giving me a lovely family.

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