Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wow! Ice-Cream Stall - Super Valuable Promotion (You Don't Want To Miss)

See the happy faces?

I think everyone get happy when the dessert is served haha!
Shi Ting my cute roomie even smile by just looking at the poster, thinking that she'll get her lovely ice-cream soon!

Looking at it, 
Do you think it's worth for RM 2.90?

Definitely a YES!

It's the 2014 New Year Promotion!
Only RM 2.90 for a cup of freshly made ice-cream
starting from 28th December to 16th January!

But where is it located?

Wow! Ice cream stall is located in KB mall second floor, just right in front of Pacific supermarket and also Giordano Shop.
There's a lot of stalls just opened there, so you guys should grab the chance to try out their food, pretty amizing! --feeling blessed haha. 

The worker made the ice-cream by 'fried' the milk water at the 'cooling pan',
and by a few seconds, it turns ice-cream!

Apparently they are very hygienic, which is something I like! *Plus point!*

Tadaa! ^^

Besides that, you can get variety of flavour besides the RM 2.90 jelly ice-cream. 
They all look so tempting isn't it? ;)

Best of all, it's not too sweet :)

Lastly, a short video showing you how the ice-cream is 'fried' on the 'cooling pan' :)

Stay Sweet and Happy.

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