Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bangkok Trip - Places And Foods!

A new airport to land in Bangkok! 

So yea I went Bangkok and Huahin if Thailand last holiday.
Haven't got enough time to blog about it.
Sick sick sick.
Work work work.
Haiz even now I feel so sleepy and tired of class and curricular activities even though today is Saturday.

But I have always promise myself to get some time out of all the hectic life,
sit down,
and Blog :)

In the plane ;)

Someone handed me a coke for me to drink,
But I was too scared to open it
(was wondering if the drink will burst out since the pressure is low up in the sky?) 

So there you go!
Bangkok of Thai!
Time to rock the floor! ;)

 First place, 
The Four-Faces-Buddha Temple.

Super Natural Jackfruit sold at the side of the street with the uncle pushing his stall to walk around the area.
We can't afford not trying it so we bought one and it was so nice!
Then all of the other people bought almost the whole bunch of the fruits
(I think the uncle will be very happy as he can rest earlier today haha!)

Reaching the hotel and just a rondom pose to capture! :P
We stayed at Citin hotel, near the biggest shopping mall Platinum.
Mum especially like this hotel and we have been staying at this hotel for the second time cause it is so near to all the shopping complexes wtf.

(girls' thing LOL)

Tutut car the side, 
Mum asked me to stand beside it and was kind enough to shoot one pic for me! ^^

One thing you guys should try in Thai is their freaking good coffee!
I know when you guys talk about best coffee you will think of Starbucks or Pacific coffee company.
But nah, It's just a simple hawker style coffee!
But trust me, the taste is.... SUPERBBB!!!!

Mum and aunt Jessica happily waiting for their first drink in Thailand ;)

Grabbing the drink for a camwhore :P

The another food I was attracted to is the cup-cake.
Kinda sound weird cause when we said cupcake we will think of the typical European Spongy cupcake.
But what the 'cup' here means, the real ceramic cup usually used by people to drink chinese tea.
And they used them to make a type of dessert which is supper cute because of the cup shape!
I haven't got the chance to try it out as I was rushing toward my mum who eagerly want to start shopping LOL.

Salted Fish
I tell you this is super delicious!
They really put a lot of salt on the fish skin.
But no worry, because you are going to peel of the skin of the fish anyway.
(Definitely not recommend to eat the skin along!)

Cute sized bird egg.

This is all the insects or small animals we don't usually eat,
but in Thai, you probably gonna see it everywhere.
It's very common to eat it here ><

All right!
It's night time!
Let me show you a new place in Bangkok which you can pay a visit!
It's called Aisatique/ the River Front.
It is at one of the side of Mekong river, the largest river in South Asia.
It's a very romantic place so couples could come here and hang around ;)
There are food, games and shops everywhere in Asiatique so you won't get bored.
With the beautiful scenery around, I think everyone will FALL IN LOVE with it :)


Super big Ferris Wheel that can't fit into the image haha

The pretty and romantic view of Asiatique
There're lots of restaurant here in Asiatique, but I am pretty sure the foods are all expensive one as this is a new developed vacation spot.

You  got the chance to ride a boat there to watch the beautiful scenery around Asiatique.

Walking around the streets of Asiatique.

Before we hit the hotel room,
we were able to taste the popular Pad-Thai!
It's a food made of flat-noodles, eggs and some vegetables.
Taste so freaking nice!

Yummy Pad-Thai me and my family would always buy it whenever we are here ;)

and Platinum, the craziest shopping mall, 
the the heaven for women,
and hell of men.


Love Bangkok!
Gonna blog about the pretty place of Huahin soon!

Stay tune! ^^


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