Monday, November 26, 2012

Photoshoot - Sweet Spots

Finally released uh? 

I'm so sorry for the delay. ><

Anyway, this is my FIRST TIME shooting something so gentle and soft and romantic.
Sounds so cheesy and girly that I tried so hard to be, since I'm a girl lol.

Here're SOME OF the pictures taken. (More in the video)

Made a video clip for this shooting since it's too dull too just put it plainly. 
Picked "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes for the music and mashed Behind the Scenes and MORE PICTURES from the shooting. 

Do recommend you guys to watch it by clicking the link here instead of watching it here cause the screen here is Freaking Small. ><

Enjoy! ^^

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Day! 

Well, I must be honest, that our family don't really celebrate thanksgiving day, but at least, we went out and eat together.

A remembrance and Appreciation.

and NO Turkey. xD

Ootd Suggestion. Didn't wear this on the actual day cause it's too much in Malaysia. (it's an ootd to the church)
btw, I bet not much people remember the existence of this celebration. ;) 

Just simply went out with family to a new cafe for late hi-tea + lunch.

Toast Cafe @ Harbour Place.

Nothing much to say, just enjoy the food and appreciate the chance of being together... <3

Almond Praline Tiramisu Cake (with Brandy) on the left, 
American Chocolate Fudge on the right.

My DOUBLED Cappuccino and it tastes GREAT.

Dad's Hot Chocolate.

Overall, it has been a really interesting year for me. I've turn to be a more matured youth and learnt to deal with trials and challenge. First of all, it's all thanks to my lovely Father that always in my heart for giving me such a lovely family. I love my stubborn and sometimes very cute dad, my mum who always encourage me in her very "creative" ways, and a troublesome didi who always think I'm childish, but I still blindly in love with him. ^^

Life wouldn't be so beautiful without them. <3

There're so many people to thanks too, can't write all of them out cause it will takes FOREVER then. However, a sincere thanks to everyone that knows me, and be a friend of me, and even an enemy of mine. A life is like a drama, so I wouldn't want to lose anyone of you--- That would makes my life bored! xD

I want to thanks myself too, for being such a lovely girl to keep her passion and love to her O Father in the heaven, and keep loving EACH AND EVERYONE in her surrounding. Be a tough girl and never show tiredness in front of people!


 *Goosebumps, too emotional! ><*

Anyone you would like to thanks on a Thanksgiving day? ;)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

European Union Film Festival 2012

The 13th EU Film Festival is here!!! 

Too bad I haven't got the chance to post about it until now cause I'm freaking busy and tired.
and Too bad to say that their stop in KL has over... T.T

But no worry, if you guys are interested, there's still chance for you to watch the shows in Penang and Sabah! ;)

08-18 November 2012 -- KL (over)
22-28 November 2012 -- GSC Gurney Plaza, Penang
06-13 December 2012 -- GSC Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Went there by train and to catch the second-last day of their stop in Midvalley. I'm able to watch a movie entitled "I Am Fishead".( There's total of 29 award-winning shows but due to time limit, this is the only show I can watch). It's a  documentary show delves into the world of psychopaths and heroes and revealed shocking implications for us and our society. Basically, it's about emotion and psychology and I'm kind of thought about it since I was very young. I was quite agree with the thought from the psychologist, authors, thinker and the former president of Czech Republic. A very interesting show if you are a person who like philosophy and think about life and interaction with people. 

Anyway, to celebrate this European theme, I wore an US Flag pants and a simple-T written in English words."Kiss me, You will like it" xD 

A pictures taken in the washroom, hoping it will be my Ootd pictures but who the hell knows why I put my left hand on the belly as if I'm pregnant? *Failed*

Sneakers and pants ;)

Oh ya, one more thing: 
All the tickets for EU Film Festival are prices at RM 5.00 each ONLY! 
Damn worthy right? ;)

Enjoy! ^^

More info please visit their page here!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kimchii Kimchii!!!!!

Today's entry is about food again!!!! *I love food!*

and Yeah today's coordinate is so funky! ^^

Me and my kawaii baby went to Tropicana Mall two days ago since she found a delicious Korean restaurant  and WE BOTH LOVE KOREAN FOOD!!!!

Ordered Bee Bim Bap and Green Tea for both of us cause that's the only food we want to eat! hahaha...

Side dishes. 
The good thing in this restaurant is that the side dishes can be refilled! ^^

Baby was like: " Oh I get the chance to eat Korean Food again after a long time!" hahaha.... xD

I was like: " Faster babe take my picture before my saliva drop into the food!" xD

Our Bee Beem Bap.
It's really delicious and SO FREAKING BIG until I used up 2 hours to finish it. Almost unable to finish it. 

I didn't take my dinner that day. Thx to that too. ;)

Last, a picture of my with kawaii baby. 

Miss you liao. xD

oh ya,
Make sure all Korean Fans like me visit the restaurant ya!!!! ;)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Casualty in Formal


Guys and girls, what will you wear to a formal dinner if the theme is "CASUAL"?

Sounds crooked right? "Casual" theme in a "formal' dinner.

1) Must in Casual wear
2) Not menjolok mata
3) must show respect

So Challenging.

I had this dinner gathering before the semester ended and this is what I got. 

I cracked my head to find the best dressing for the night, and so here is the result:

The make up is probably thicker than what is suppose to be casual, but as I put on a glass, I suppose a thick make up is acceptable. ;)

So here is the place.

Before I show you what is my outfit, let me show you the others' annotation of "Casualty in Formal" ;)

What do you feel? Is it what you annotate the theme?
Do you able to guess what is my outfit of the night? 


Okay, I know you guy must be like =.= face now but here is my translation of  "Casualty in Formal":
It was an inspiration from lots of celebrities, for once:

The signature: Boot and Jacket.

Thus, I choose a black top with a white blazer. It look simple but at the same time, it definitely show respect cause I have collar in it. Addition: 
Trendy. ;)

Next, I picked a long skirt. I definitely want to wear short skirt if I'm allowed, but as a student in this particular (censored) university, I have to show the respect (again). Thus, picking the brown and blue lattice skirt is my first choice cause it look casual and not "menjolok mata", but my main purpose is because of that very retro feel in it. 

Trendy! xD

Addition:spectacles for a nerd look and a head band which can't be seen.
For the hair, I purposely simply curl the end of my hair to get a messy look. and it did make up the whole look  :)

Trendy! xD

So here's the some of the other pictures taken during the dinner:

Okay, just for fun:  xD