Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby Jing Wen's Birthday

Where did I go with this pretty dress up?
LOL I was not the star of the night though...
It was Babe Jing Wen's birthday!
I feel a but guilty for stealing some "sparks" from her now... hahaha...

Babe Jing Wen's birthday was really a BIG BIG matter for me, cause I love her so much, until I did many things that I've never done before! And I promise that there's no other one else who can be more powerful than her to change me like she does. NO MORE.

Love her so much. 
*But not the lesbian love kay.*

It was Thursday, 
I was suppose to go to the church,
now I come with my confession,
cause I didn't go to church,
to celebrate her birthday,
at Captain Restaurant!
hahaha... @.@

See, we reserved a big room for her! How I call it as BIG MATTER. ;)

Babe Nee Nee with her so cute outfit! ><

Checking the menu.. and Jing Wen just got the perfect shoot. ;)

Babe Jing Wen was so excited and played with the berries... =.=

While waiting for the dishes.... Camwhore session! xD

Then..... Ittatakimash!!!!! Dishes arrived!

Imma Hungry Monster.... xD

See how sexy Nee Nee is?? Woah........ : O

Our lovely cake for Babe Jing Wen! 
Notice the beautiful decoration on the cake? 
Exclusively hand-made by Eleanor! 
Nice right?? *Proud*

Some selca before I end the post. ;)

I polish my nails with beautiful colour print to match the outfit.

Nah, this is it! 
This is the decoration on top of the cake lol!
Jing Wen told me she was so upset with me for not celebrating with her at the 12am celebration, cause I said I had to sleep early for the LB exam the next day, and guess what? 
I'm actually busy doing this..
Till 2 am. (look at the clock)
Jing Wen Babe please don't get mad with me again... hahaha.

See how beautiful the cake with my decoration? ^^

Love two of you with all my heart, 
will you both love me so much like I do? ;)

You guy should not forget about the present part, 
Because I've prepared the present 5 month ago! 

Sephora's toilette and shower gel. 
and frankly, I don't own any Sephora product myself. I only splurge for her, and with my will. ;)

Good day everyone? 

I hope my birthday will be as good as hers, seriously.

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