Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Touched

I swear no one can really remember my birthday. 

now you guys probably check on my fb account to see the DOB section. ><

*The one doesn't check and still don't know my birthday, is WORST*

Okay, that's not the deal, but yeah, it's about my birthday, and I post this entry EXACTLY a month before my date of birth, on a very special purpose.

Dennis Ling , my non-blood-related-but-same-surname-brother, send me this HUGE present right before we started our exam week. 

May be you guys don't understand my feeling, but as a December baby, I seldom get true wish from friends.sure there's birthday wish throught the fb account, but nah, that's because facebook has been a great help reminding you to be a good friend to send a birthday wish, lagi from fb. =.=
December baby benefits only because it's in holiday, where you no need to go to school and blaa blaa blaa.. But do you know the joy of getting celebrated by your friends? That's more precious. 

Anyway, Thx Gor for this very lovely present, even I keep my promise not to open it until my DOB arrives, but from the bottom of my heart, I know it would be A GREAT PIECE OF HEART sending from A GREAT MAN.

May God Bless You, and our Familyship. FOREVER.


Another thing: I've made a list for my preference of Birthday present.. which is crazy cause I've been so bored until I wrote it out... xD

 hahaha.... I'm back to Klang, finally!

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