Monday, November 5, 2012

061112 Sweet Spots [Behind Scene]

Killed the stupid exam!

Time for another photo shooting. 

This time with a very new theme, a very simple but nice theme that I've not tried before. 

Photos haven't done select and edit yet, so Imma post it one it has done k ;)

The behind scene:

Woke up early in the morning to get prepared. Make up of the day--- Simple and sweet as the title shown. ;)

Cam-whore kau kau in Photographer's car because first, I have to test my expression and second, to check if my make up smear or not. (Good excuses) xD

The scene #1

The scene #2

The scene #3

The whether was crazy. It rained at the beginning and we were so afraid that we would have to cancel our shooting but guess what? 

After 10 minutes the rain stopped!

God loves me soo much right? hahaha ;)

Life is beautiful. <3

The craziest thing is that: The sun is Sooo Freaking BIG after that. ><

Couldn't say if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Man (Me) can't be grateful. Poor thing.

I couldn't open my eyes, but I still want to cam-whore.... xD

Argghh, so much better to take photo in the car!!!! ^^

Went First Station for late lunch. 

If you guys follow my facebook you guys would wonder if I have recover from illness. Nope, I haven't fully recover, but still, I couldn't break my promise with my photographer. (I am a very very very responsible person, sometimes too much). So right after I finished my shooting, I got to swallow some paracetemol and stupid antibiotic I accidentally get it from the doctor. Mum said I have to finish the whole course if I have already taken one. T___T

病得五颜六色... xD

End the post with my shooting picture, look as if I don't get sick right? (Professional what!) xD

Stay tune for more pictures! Thx Daniel Chin the photographer as well!

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