Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Day! 

Well, I must be honest, that our family don't really celebrate thanksgiving day, but at least, we went out and eat together.

A remembrance and Appreciation.

and NO Turkey. xD

Ootd Suggestion. Didn't wear this on the actual day cause it's too much in Malaysia. (it's an ootd to the church)
btw, I bet not much people remember the existence of this celebration. ;) 

Just simply went out with family to a new cafe for late hi-tea + lunch.

Toast Cafe @ Harbour Place.

Nothing much to say, just enjoy the food and appreciate the chance of being together... <3

Almond Praline Tiramisu Cake (with Brandy) on the left, 
American Chocolate Fudge on the right.

My DOUBLED Cappuccino and it tastes GREAT.

Dad's Hot Chocolate.

Overall, it has been a really interesting year for me. I've turn to be a more matured youth and learnt to deal with trials and challenge. First of all, it's all thanks to my lovely Father that always in my heart for giving me such a lovely family. I love my stubborn and sometimes very cute dad, my mum who always encourage me in her very "creative" ways, and a troublesome didi who always think I'm childish, but I still blindly in love with him. ^^

Life wouldn't be so beautiful without them. <3

There're so many people to thanks too, can't write all of them out cause it will takes FOREVER then. However, a sincere thanks to everyone that knows me, and be a friend of me, and even an enemy of mine. A life is like a drama, so I wouldn't want to lose anyone of you--- That would makes my life bored! xD

I want to thanks myself too, for being such a lovely girl to keep her passion and love to her O Father in the heaven, and keep loving EACH AND EVERYONE in her surrounding. Be a tough girl and never show tiredness in front of people!


 *Goosebumps, too emotional! ><*

Anyone you would like to thanks on a Thanksgiving day? ;)

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