Friday, December 30, 2011

Glamorous Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year for 2012 arrive sooner than past years, so it's around the corner!


I was thinking what kind of make up that will look glam and elegant for any occasion in this coming CNY. So I picked up this 4 colours from my eye shadow palette-- Yellow, orange, red, and chocolate.

Yellow -- Symbol of rich and prosperity
Orange and Red -- Symbol of CNY and lucky colour
Chocolate -- Tone up colour for looking more natural and definite.

Here are some of the pictures taken after the make up: Look GORGEOUS is it? ^^

So here is the tutorial! I hope you guy enjoy it!

( Click this link  for a BIGGER SCREEN to watch. )

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Movies: Alvin and the Chipmunk 3

I watched A&C 3 with three other friends at Bukit Tinggi Aeon Jusco.

Honestly, I've never been attracted to Alvin's series (so of course I didn't watched it) till last week, when I saw the movie trailer. I'm so exited about the harmonized song they sang (BAD ROMANCE!!!!) in the movie and that's how these small little chipmunks brought me to cinemas. So watch this:

Alvin and The Chipmunks (2007):

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 (2009):

Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 (2011):

A little description about the A&C 3:

Story: Alvin and his other chipmunk are having a short vacation with Dave, their surrogate dad/manager before they participate in the international music award. The vacation turns into a misadventure as they are shipwrecked on an unknown island. 

Director: Mike Mitchell
by, 20 Century Fox
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Kids and family

*Haha~ Well, it's for Kids and Family, but I'm watching with my friends, so who the hell cares?

I feel a little disappointing with the critics toward this movie. I found that it's quite interesting, with the song and the dialogue in the movie. But I have to admit that the storyline isn't going that well, but guess what? Rotten Tomatoes has given then a rank of only 13%!

Well, this reaction is Super Duper not over-stated, cause I really think that it can be better (seriously). I don't know why there are so many critics out there toward this movie, but I think the purpose of this movie is for entertainment right??? And I'd entertained!!!

Fine. Whatever it is, I know that after watching A&C 3----- I am:


p/s: There's a chipmunk who has the same name with me--Eleanor (Proud proud!)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Late 2011 Christmas Photos

I know I am super duper damn late for posting these photos, but i can resist myself from being cam whoring here and there since I'm still not getting over with CHRISTMAS!!!!

So, whatever you see here, it's just for fun and entertainment. Hope you guys had a pretty nice Christmas this year!

So many snowflakes right? Hahaha... Thx to Photoshop for the snowflakes lol... (I didn't edit my face k!)

Anyway, gone tired with all the snowflakes thingy, then this one will be better. (I think? lol.)

Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011 = Tiger Cage

The first thing when I switched on my laptop in the morning is receive a security report from Avast! Antivirus .
I was afraid there'll be some nonsense virus creep into my little laptop, so I've been really careful in using the internet source and hardware appliances. 

Thank Holly God My Report is Excellent! (:

I'm SOOO proud.

Then I went on to seek for other info, where I came across with this 'Top Infected Website by Country' link. I clicked the link to see Malaysia's top infected Website. And that's how IT SCARED THE HELL OF ME OFF.

I feel like I'm sending myself to a tiger cage right now... but I've just created this blog not till 24 hours ago!

Good God.

Great Piece of Work -- Google Account

I created a google account few weeks ago. JUST FOR FUN.

And well I get used to open a lot of accounts (2 hotmail accounts and 2 yahoo accounts--- you'll see how idiot I am.) , so i just put a hotmail account to sign up the google account thingy.

Honestly, I didn't understand the purpose of creating this whole thing until I want to create a blog.

Before this blog, I actually has created new blog using a yahoo account. It's Eleanorlingwonderland. See how nice the name it's, right???

But that freaking Google Account messed up with my whole rebuilding-up-my-blogging-habit plan.

The story starts with there's so many google accounts in my computer and I just want to delete that cause it's annoying. (Nobody just use one account for all website, right???)

Unfortunately, I've accidentally deleted this blogspot for no reason. Like What the heck is going on with the google account thingy?

Then I have to create a new blog with a new name and rewriting the post that I wrote in that Wonderland blog. (thank God there's just a post.) Fuhh!!!

Lesson: Understand the whole sign up plan in the website or else you'll end up dead of piss off.


First Time Blogger???

Gosh, I'm opening a blog. AGAIN.

Seriously, I never thought that I want to write a blog again. (Yea, people change.) I was wandering around some baeuty blogs and my friend was like "Hey Eleanor, check out this blog!" bla bla bla, and then I felt so outdated since I'd created one and for God's sake I never updated it for YEARS...

Well, that blog is still alive (currently). I read it and found it quite interesting. I've a sudden decision to keep up my blogging habit since my bro once told me that blogging will improve your language skills (let's hope for that!)

Unfortunately, I'm so piss off with that blog address --- IDIOTICPSYCHO

I was like wtf idiotic and psychotic idiot is opening this freaking idiotic and psychotic blogspot??? (sorry for being rude but that's exactly how I feel that time.) I was thinking whether I should simply just used back that freaking IDIOTICSPYCHO.blogspot or create a new blog with a better name???


At last, I came out with this conclusion:

No, No, I'm not going with it!!!!

And that's how this while new Eleanordreamland.blogspot is BORN!!! Hahaha!!! I feel much more better with the name since it doesn't sound like ruining my own image myself huh?? (At least it's not IDIOTIC PSYCHO.)

And you know what? I'm proud.

Let's see if this blog can last this the end of the world uh?