Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Time Blogger???

Gosh, I'm opening a blog. AGAIN.

Seriously, I never thought that I want to write a blog again. (Yea, people change.) I was wandering around some baeuty blogs and my friend was like "Hey Eleanor, check out this blog!" bla bla bla, and then I felt so outdated since I'd created one and for God's sake I never updated it for YEARS...

Well, that blog is still alive (currently). I read it and found it quite interesting. I've a sudden decision to keep up my blogging habit since my bro once told me that blogging will improve your language skills (let's hope for that!)

Unfortunately, I'm so piss off with that blog address --- IDIOTICPSYCHO

I was like wtf idiotic and psychotic idiot is opening this freaking idiotic and psychotic blogspot??? (sorry for being rude but that's exactly how I feel that time.) I was thinking whether I should simply just used back that freaking IDIOTICSPYCHO.blogspot or create a new blog with a better name???


At last, I came out with this conclusion:

No, No, I'm not going with it!!!!

And that's how this while new Eleanordreamland.blogspot is BORN!!! Hahaha!!! I feel much more better with the name since it doesn't sound like ruining my own image myself huh?? (At least it's not IDIOTIC PSYCHO.)

And you know what? I'm proud.

Let's see if this blog can last this the end of the world uh?


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