Friday, July 26, 2013

How to Become a Fashion Master but Not a Fashion Slave

Someone ask me:
"Eleanor haven't you spend lots of money chasing after fashion dress and accessories?"

Those who know me well will ask me
"Eleanor tell me how you can still keep money while chasing after fashion line?"

Well I so I'm going to share with you guys some this that I found useful in this particular matter.

First of all,
tell me,
Who don't want to be a at the very upfront of fashion line???
But who doesn't love money?
Who want to splurge excessive money into something too much?
Who don't like to own lots of money in their bank accounts?

We all do!

So here's some tips/ways I find useful and has been using it for quite a long time.
Hope it will help you guys to enjoy the fashion line, 
and at the same time,
keep your lil pennies at your pocket! :D

1) Look around. Discover more.
Be an observant. Look around your surrounding and find out the very top fashion update. Magazine will be a good trick to you.

2) Be rational: 
Pick up the fashion that suits you. You don't want to look like a geek wearing super thick dark eyebrow just because the magazine told you that this is the very currently top fashion line. Look for something that suit you instead of being a slave of fashion. 

3) Research and surveys:
Surf and google afor the current beauty products/ fashion line.I always check on the reviews from others before I decided to buy the product. I find it really useful to avoid buying the wrong products.

4) Set your own budget
I used to buy tons of cheap clothes and end up cramping them in the cupboard. I find it really stupid because this is definitely something we need to get rid as we have only one body to wear all the clothes (oh girls imagine that). So my deal for myself now will be setting a goal/budget on myself.
My own goal: not buying tons cheap clothes, but buy just a piece of two of qualified clothes on every season.
So it means that I will only buy clothes at the very beginning of every season, and just the pieces that I find them pennies-healthy lololx.
And know what? It works for my pocket money! 


5) Pick only the things that you really satisfied.
When I mean satisfied, it means it is PERFECT for you.
I used to have this very bad habit where I will pick things at the first glance, which means that I will buy whatever that please my eyes, even it's at a not very satisfied stage like there's a hole at the very bottom of the dress, or there's a button is lost, just because they sell it in a very low price. (see, discounts always cheat). Bare in mind that you wouldn't have that even one hour of consideration that you will go back and fix them. So try get the piece that really satisfied you, in and out.

Hope this little tricks works for you. 

Happy shopping!

Last but now least:

Let YOUSELF lead the fashion instead of the fashion leads you.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Subang Empire Hotel - The Spring High Tea

Hey there!

Went Subang Empire Hotel 
for a very pretty and crazy nice High Tea with family.
I was having so much fun there so I would like to share with your guys some pictures taken that time ;)

Ootd: F21,  Diva and Times Square :)

I would love to carry that flower headpiece out but I know it will look too much cause I'm basically going for lunch only right?

So yea I left the flower headpiece then... xD

Here's the place! <3

The dessert stalls.

Apparently you can see that I am that kind of girl who insist of putting every food under organized.
Mum is like: "What are you doing? You are going to eat them no matter how"
but I will just smile and ignore lololx.

Hope you guys like it and happy eating. :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Infinity CC Cream

Okay if you followed me in Instagram you will sure to know this picture..

I've been trying this new product from Infinity and I've found this fantastic product!

I'm sure you've heard of BB cream,
but have you heard of CC cream?


There's you go!
Introduce Infinity CC cream!
Super love the packaging with that rainbow feel lolol
Purposely take it like this to show you my cute nail arts :P

kay before that,
What is CC Cream?
What's the differences of it with BB cream?

kay kay let me explain it to you one by one..
CC cream, also known as Color Control cream, or color correcting cream, is a refined blemish balm cream or Beauty Balm created and developed in Korea. BB (Blemish Balm) cream was originally formulated in Germany and has in recent years gained popularity in Asia, and is also gaining popularity Europe and North America. CC cream is widely used in Asia to provide natural-looking skin coverage. While BB cream was manufactured primarily as a skincare product, CC cream was developed to retain all the skincare benefits of BB cream with added nourishing ingredients and the additional aim to provide more effective skin coverage. CC cream was formulated with technology originating in Japan and further developed in Korea.

Gotta Clear idea nao?

Infinity is a Korea Product, a sub-brand to Nano-White.
It comes in two type, the Light beige ( lighter) and another natural beige (darker)

I pick Natural beige, OF COURSE
of God you got no idea how worry I am to find another foundation cream that make my face look cake-y.

Yea I have had so many bad experience with foundation because I'm tan (NOT dark :P)
Then if the stupid foundation or two way cake didn't match my skin tone,
I will look like a cake with not enough icing.
Or too much icing on top

First like this:
Then like this:
imagine la the cake is your face..... =.=

Then taddaa!!!! 
Congratulation Eva Longoria you're on my page!
with the prettiest moment of your life. 

Kay great, 
now all thanks to CC cream I can escaped from giving my own bad sample :P

Now here's the deal.
CC cream as it claims as colour correcting cream,
it's working dude!
Look here:
The colour change to my on skin type colour! 


It  just turn into that golden yellow colour that suit me, and I think, everyone else.

Yay i'm survived!

Claim: this is not a sponsored entry,
and I've been using it for a week under the hot sun,
and even during the party which start since the day!
and it stick evenly to my face!

Price: DEFINTELY affordable! I've seen other high-end CC cream price, and I think this is already enough if you are not chasing after branded product. :)

Possibility of rebuying it: DEFINITELY

Suggestion to the user: Apply mineral loose powder to set the face and make the foundation last longer as it create duo appearance, which is normal for cream-like- foundation.
but if you like that duo feeling, skip this step :)

Lastly, Enjoy!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

DIY Fresh Salad

Let's talk about Salad today!

Me and Toby love salad.
The best salad I've every tried is Secret Recipe's Ceaser Salad.
But only the one made at KB Tesco's tastes the best.

All of us know that salad is a healthy food,
and it's a definite choice fore those of you who determine to get a healthy diet.
But do you know what you should put into your salad bowl to make sure you are taking the right ingredients, at the right amount and at the right choice?

I've been testing some DIY salad and this is by far my favourite DIY salad.
Simple, sweet and of course, tasty!

In here:
Tomatoes, Hard-boiled egg, Romance lettuce.

Simple as this:
Put whatever green vegetables that you like
Put cherries or tomatoes
Hard-boiled egg 
Additional ingredient: raddish, cabbage, mushroom, and raisins

Dressing: Just salt and black pepper.

Green vegetables like romance lettuce, cabbage and broccoli not only gives you fibres and vitamins, but it give your salad that crunch that fulfilled your teeth's desire.

Cherries and Tomatoes is A MUST for ladies who crave for flawless skin.
Beside that, that redness instantly increase your appetite in consuming this lots-of-vegetable cuisine.

Hard boiled egg make your stomach full!
I know most of the girls gave up in dieting since they find vegetables make them hungry,
But no worry ladies, egg could be your replacement!
Egg contain protein which will break down into amino acid, which will be taken out from the body if there's excessive amount.
Which means, it will not store in your body and build tissues like fat does! :)
But beware, do not overdose egg since it contain cholesterol. 
Maximum two eggs per day.

Other vegetables like raddish, onion can be added to increase the nutrient in your serving, just make sure you don't add in any ingredient that contain carbohydrates and fats.

Dressing like cheese and mayonnaise is not suggested since it definitely ruin your whole effort in dieting.
DEFINITELY reduce the amount in consuming mayonnaise as it is made up of unhealthy oil (fat) and offers less nutrient. That's why you couldn't loss weight.
*However, olive oil is a good dressing if you seriously want something-something for your dressing because it's contains good cholesterol (HDL) and antioxidant that prevent body from cancer. 

Lastly, enjoy! :)