Friday, July 26, 2013

How to Become a Fashion Master but Not a Fashion Slave

Someone ask me:
"Eleanor haven't you spend lots of money chasing after fashion dress and accessories?"

Those who know me well will ask me
"Eleanor tell me how you can still keep money while chasing after fashion line?"

Well I so I'm going to share with you guys some this that I found useful in this particular matter.

First of all,
tell me,
Who don't want to be a at the very upfront of fashion line???
But who doesn't love money?
Who want to splurge excessive money into something too much?
Who don't like to own lots of money in their bank accounts?

We all do!

So here's some tips/ways I find useful and has been using it for quite a long time.
Hope it will help you guys to enjoy the fashion line, 
and at the same time,
keep your lil pennies at your pocket! :D

1) Look around. Discover more.
Be an observant. Look around your surrounding and find out the very top fashion update. Magazine will be a good trick to you.

2) Be rational: 
Pick up the fashion that suits you. You don't want to look like a geek wearing super thick dark eyebrow just because the magazine told you that this is the very currently top fashion line. Look for something that suit you instead of being a slave of fashion. 

3) Research and surveys:
Surf and google afor the current beauty products/ fashion line.I always check on the reviews from others before I decided to buy the product. I find it really useful to avoid buying the wrong products.

4) Set your own budget
I used to buy tons of cheap clothes and end up cramping them in the cupboard. I find it really stupid because this is definitely something we need to get rid as we have only one body to wear all the clothes (oh girls imagine that). So my deal for myself now will be setting a goal/budget on myself.
My own goal: not buying tons cheap clothes, but buy just a piece of two of qualified clothes on every season.
So it means that I will only buy clothes at the very beginning of every season, and just the pieces that I find them pennies-healthy lololx.
And know what? It works for my pocket money! 


5) Pick only the things that you really satisfied.
When I mean satisfied, it means it is PERFECT for you.
I used to have this very bad habit where I will pick things at the first glance, which means that I will buy whatever that please my eyes, even it's at a not very satisfied stage like there's a hole at the very bottom of the dress, or there's a button is lost, just because they sell it in a very low price. (see, discounts always cheat). Bare in mind that you wouldn't have that even one hour of consideration that you will go back and fix them. So try get the piece that really satisfied you, in and out.

Hope this little tricks works for you. 

Happy shopping!

Last but now least:

Let YOUSELF lead the fashion instead of the fashion leads you.

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