Friday, July 19, 2013

Subang Empire Hotel - The Spring High Tea

Hey there!

Went Subang Empire Hotel 
for a very pretty and crazy nice High Tea with family.
I was having so much fun there so I would like to share with your guys some pictures taken that time ;)

Ootd: F21,  Diva and Times Square :)

I would love to carry that flower headpiece out but I know it will look too much cause I'm basically going for lunch only right?

So yea I left the flower headpiece then... xD

Here's the place! <3

The dessert stalls.

Apparently you can see that I am that kind of girl who insist of putting every food under organized.
Mum is like: "What are you doing? You are going to eat them no matter how"
but I will just smile and ignore lololx.

Hope you guys like it and happy eating. :)

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