Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bunraku, The Japanese Puppet Show

Went down to KL for a Japanese Puppet Show at KLPac.

It's decided in a sudden as I tagged along with Tesl friends.
Went there alone without my other colleagues, but I am happy that I met lots of friends, 
as well as learning the fine arts of Japan!

First stop: Bukit Bintang
The bus driver dropped us at Bandaraya at 9am in the morning and we have no idea what should we do so we took train to Bukit Bintang.

While waiting for Pavilion to open, I've always fully use my time :)

Next, to H&M

Didn't buy a thing at H&M since it's the same season I've bought during the previous holiday, 
but they are on Clearance Sale now so if you haven't bought anything at H&M, do make it a trip there! :)

Then I craved for Starbucks!

The Barista who named Zai was so kind!
I've always have trouble with the barista as my name was always spelled wrong.
My name is Eleanor but they have always misspelled it as Elenor, Elanor, some even just write Ele... shit.
But this guy make me so happy as he patiently write my name...
and also put an emoticon underneath!

So lovely lar!!!

Not finish yet, he even at "Avocato Style" for my Expresso Frappucino.
Wasn't sure what is Avocato Style, but the whole point is they were trying to entertain me, not like other baristas at the other chain who sometimes give me 'sour faces'.

Appreciate the smile that I know it's doesn't cost a cent, but will make people (at least, me) happy for the whole day! :)

I haven't done yet,
the barista was coming up to me while I've done ordering and was enjoying my drink while waiting for my friends at Chatime (opposite to the Starbucks shop), he gave my these BUY ONE FREE ONE vouchers!

and I tell you, it's not one, but THREE vouchers!

May be you guys said "Eleh everyone has it larrr..."
but you are wrong.
Cause my friend, who also bought a cup of Starbucks drink,
DIDN'T even get a piece of voucher!

Took a pictures with Zai (the middle) and his colleague :)

See I'm soooo lucky right? :)
*the happy girl*

The 'another' friend I talked about. 
Pity him lol.

Next: It's Show time!

The event was happening at KL Performing Art Centre (KLPac).
One of the new part of Kuala Lumpur which I first discovered.
It's located at Sentul, and you can definitely take train to reach here, it's convenient :)
There're two Performing Art Centre in Malaysia, one is in KL and another in Penang.
I am glad that Malaysia makes this effort to bring and to preserve the cultures around the world.

A quick glimpse of the entrance hall of KLPac.

Three programmes are played: 
(1) The harvest Celebration Dance
(2) An Excerpt of the Classic "Fox in the Inner Garden"
(3) Behind the Scene Demonstration.

Before I bring to you some pictures of the show, let me tell you what is Bunraku is all about :)

Bunraku (文楽?), also known as Ningyō jōruri (人形浄瑠璃), is a form of traditional Japanese puppet theatre, founded in Osaka in 1684.
Three kinds of performers take part in a bunraku performance:
  • Ningyōtsukai or Ningyōzukai—puppeteers
  • Tayū—the chanters
  • Shamisen players

The most important and the most unique thing about Bunraku is that, each human-dolls are played by three puppeteers: One that control the head and the right hand, Second controls the left hand and the third plays the legs. Another unique characteristic of the theatre is that, the puppeteers are performed in full view of the audience, generally wearing black robes. Like this:

Notice the one covering up from top of the head till the end of his body with black robe? 
That's the minor puppeteer.
*the major puppeteers do not cover their heads up*

The chanter (left) and the shamisen (right)

The show in full view 

The whole theatre look like this.

The show was fantastic with subtitles that helps us to understand their language!
I always love to watch show in their original language (with subtitles) because I can enjoy the show better with their original soundtrack. 

Next we move out, back to KB.

and my friend was doing the Bunraku show in the bus.
Sorry he's sleeping actually :P

Okay that's it! I hope you guys enjoy it! 

Extra: Bought the new nail lacquer with minty blue colour! It's definitely the new trend as I haven't seen it all around the magazine and Youtube beauty channels. 
Believe me I'm sure that it will be the new hit.

Also discover new style of Black and white flakes at TheFaceShop so I bought them along!

My Japanese Gyaru Inspired Make up Tutorial --> Click here 

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