Friday, June 28, 2013

Spring-Summer Make up Tutorial

Huala Everyone!
The haze is lesser after the heavy rain yesterday.
I'm such a happy girl and feel like giving myself a sweet touch up inspired by the pretty whether.
And I definitely aware that it's summer in the other country other than stupid Malaysia who has only hot or cold whether than make me can't change my outfit that often, so I decided to mash-up everything and come out with this lovely look!

Let's get start!

Apply your favourite primer and foundation to prime your face 

Next, I'm going to introduce you guys a new make up product that is released a month ago by Maybelline..
It's Maybelline Color Tattoo Gel eyeshadow.
So as I said, it's GEL eyeshadow, so it last more than 18 hours as one of the reviewer said.
It's claimed that it can last for 24 hours, but who the hell will wear your make up for 24 hours straight? You wanna ruin you face???

So apply the colour on the inner eyelids

The open and closed effect after applying that pretty golden-yellow colour :)

Next, take  the pretty turquoise colour..
The first on the left of the first row dear :)

Apply at at the outer half of the eyelids..

also the bottom eyelids 

Pretty  effect that most of you don't know, I'm clever le....... 

Now take this glitter eyeliner in Siver colour from Silky girl 
(unfortunately it's out of stock and I can't find any other replacement for it, will try to seek for other brand now).

and apply it as a eyeliner.... Woo I like this I like this!!!!! xD

Next, mascara... (and fake lashes if you want, but I wouldn't recommend it because it will cover up your pretty eyeshadow. Unless if you really have short eyelashes, then a natural-look fake lashes will help)

Tadaa!!!! :)

I try drawing it as soft as possible to create that soft look on the face, and in the mean time I want people to focus their attention on my eyes, so of course the brows should be as natural as possible.

Cute pink blusher

and lips! 
If you wanna know how to create a gradient lips like how the Korean Love to do, Click here!

And now you are ready!!!

Okay I'm rushing to KL for Bunraku Show! 
See ya! :)

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