Sunday, June 9, 2013

First Texas Chicken in Malaysia

God I know I've been eating a lot lately..
Really have to do more exercise nao.
Pity my abdomen that is getting lower as fat tissues accumulated there.
earth gravity I f*cking hate you.

But this is ONE AND THE ONLY ONE Texas Chicken Restaurant in Malaysia,
So how can I say no?
At least I have to try it once,
right? right? right?

I'm sure my excuse is acceptable :P

So Texas Chicken restaurant is (proudly) located at my hometown,
15 minutes away to my house
at the largest Aeon Jusco in Malaysia!


Just like Jr, the drinks are free to refills!!!!

*fyi, McD has stopped their free refill service since 1st of June =.=

I tell you,  this reaction is no kidding cause I was actually quite full that time,
but I just can't let go the chance to having it, so ><

The chicken is much much much much more better than KFC!

Their fries are good and special, 
since they have mix the fries with the salt BEFORE  they fried it,
unlike other restaurant like McD who spread the salt particles on top of it after the fries are fried :)

So you guys guess why the hell I'm wearing something like that?
It's because Texas was not in our initial plan.
We were actually planning on a tea time gathering only..... LOL
*can't resist good food*

Went Secret Recipe and found out my new favourite: Turkish Indulgence! <3
Definitely going to be my whole year selection from now on hahaha....

Shin Ling and Me, I called us as the "Two Desperate Girls" 
*Got story behind it de lar....:P*

Finally, Ootd: Jumpsuit and a vintage hat :)

and some You-know-who pics lolx ><

Looking lovely eh?
yea, I know I'm lovely
so love me more :)

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