Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bandung - Tourist Guides and Tips

Got approved for our Bandung-Jakarta Trip last semester and we were so happy about it!

Waited for almost one and a half month and finally it's time!

Happy face! ^^

The first place we visited after we reached: Tangkuban Perahu.
Stopped on the way to the place for a rest.
A view of the stop.

Look at the happy face :)

Some exercise before going up up up, up the hill! :)

Here we are! Tangkuban Perahu hello!!! :)

Gunung Tangkuban Perahu, also known as the Mountain of the Overturned Boat, is a small town located at the top of the volcano mountain. 
It is an active volcano 30 km north of the city of Bandung, the provincial capital of West Jawa, Indonesia. 
It's not actually cold up there, so a jacket or cardigan (if you are a fashion icon) will do. :)

The pretties, and also my besties :)

I'm impressed with my phone because the pictures are soooooo nice!!!
LOL basically I'm satisfied lol

Next, headed to hotel.

The first thing I saw: Silver Guy!
He was claimed to be the 'poor child'.
 Initially, I found him pity and thought to giving him some penny but later on,
I saw there's a bunch of them.
I quickly scratched the previous thought.
(no offence I think they are scammers.) 

First night room.

After bathing and become xiang xiang (nice smell), our next place to hit: Factory Outlet!

Factory Outlet is a must-go place if you are shopaholic. 
They have at least 10 shops in Factory Outlet, and the price is reasonable and affordable.
Lots of visitors visit there thus it create that tourist attraction feel :)

Cheese Banana at the stall along the road. 
There are many people waited to buy this food so we decided to give it a try.

Sweet potatoes balls. 

They are soo cute!! ^.^

look how the girls couldn't wait to eat! xD

The Chessey Banana. 
They filled with cheese and chocolate sauce. Pretty good!

I like the sweet potatoes balls cause it's not too sweet, and it feels healthy to eat. 

Kiss the ball! :)

Later, the food: popular nasi padang
I wouldn't say it's a delicious cuisine but if you are a first timer, please try it.
At least you know how the Indonesian eat! :)

The next day: went UPI and got a copy of Chronicle newspaper.

Pics by Ariff.

The next shopping place: Pasar Baru
It is a very congested place, full with people and shops.
The goods there are cheaper than factory Outlet, but the quality is lower.

There will be lots of beggars and 'performers' before you enter Pasar Baru.
There's no fault if you don't give them pennies because once you gave one of them, the rest will chase after you.
*Pretty sure you wouldn't want to be the oh-so-generous one*

Lastly some pictures 'stolen' from my other friends :)

Okay will update my next trip to Jakarta soon! 

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