Tuesday, November 10, 2015

我的少女时代 ‘My Times'

Hey there,
It's been such a long time since my last update but I have been catching dreams. 
Finding my 'new-kind-of dream' in EleanorDreamLand.
Moving into a new lifestyle and place has make me changes a lot.
And being able to catch up with things that I like, things that I love is a lil bit harder now as my work place is restricted with limited kind of restaurants and attraction spots.
So I have been searching my new dreams and I found myself in the process of sorting out. 
I hope I will not take too much time in this because I really wanna keep this blog alive. 

Anyway, yesterday I went movie date with a bunch of my friends. 
And we watched the current popular movie 'Our Times'
Honestly, I more of the kind of person who prefer movie with a great list of casts rather than small production movie.
It's not because that I chase after the celebrities, but I have always wanna avoid disappointment from the small production that starred by unknown celebrities. After all, I paid RM 17  for just a movie (It's hell high price dude!). 
But this movie is a hit!
It's pretty good and I'm impressive with the casting. Nice plot with funny and touching scenes along the movie. It's worth a watch. 

Today i am going to share with you guys about my 少女时代 , means my life when I was little. 
Honestly, when i came to think about my childhood memories, I haven't got much interesting or dramatic memories. But I am willing to share a bit with you guys, that kinda related to the movie. 

1) I was very ugly when I was young. 
          I know I shouldn't say the word but it's true. I am not pretty, and I  have super tan skin. I have people calling me Indonesian Girl when I was young. It simply just a joke for them, but it really hurts me a lot. I have round face, with small eyes. I don't know how to dress, or my way of dressing is not acceptable for my family. So I wear whatever clothes my mum has told me to wear. All of this has made me become really really low self-esteem. And I have been called a nerd.

2) I study hell lot
          I don't actually like reading books. But I was forced to. I know I wasn't pretty, and in order to achieve something that people don't have, I decided to become the best in academic. People have good face, I have good grade. So I buried my face in books and books. So 'nerd' is my nickname. I don't like it but how do people care about my feelings? I didn't think too much about it, and keep reading until I became obsessed with books, which is a good thing for me now. :)

3) I don't have anyone admires me, but I secretly admire someone. 
         As you know,  I am the ugly duckling in school, so I am well aware that nobody even care to look at me. but I have admire a senior in my high school. For a very long time. We never really talk to each other, so I guess he only know my existence but nothing else. I always wanted to talk to him but I feel so shy and so low in confidence as he is an English-speaker while I haven't improved my English during that moment. What I can do is that I watched him secretly when he walked passed the corridor, or purposely sit at a corner that he will always walk through during the class. I have even attend a tuition class that will allow me to catch a glimpse of him when his class dismiss. All of the effort didn't pull us together. In fact, I've lost all of his contact. No phone number, and no friend request in Fb is yet to be accepted (for more than five years already).

4)  My high school life was pretty boring
          So yea that's all for my high school life. All I do was study, read, and secretly admire people. I didn't have a super twist-and-turn kind of life with full of dramatic plots, but I believe my life has been blessed enough.

So how about yours? I would like to hear about 'Your Times'! :)

To end this post, I would like to share with you guys my new cover for the theme song from the movie 
A Little Happiness 小幸运 
Hope you guys like it!