Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sexay Laday (Oppa Gangnam Style! xD) Photoshoot Preview

Another photoshoot taken recently with Alen Phang, my new friends+ photographer. A preview for you guys before we finish editing all the pictures. So stay tune! ^^

More coming soon, so stay tune! As usual, track all my photoshoot photos in my blog cause I've some issues uploading them in FB. Thx. :)

The first album is out: Click Here!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Setia City Mall Exploration

When to Setia City Mall for the First time last week, and the place was awesome! 

OOTD: Top from Scarlet and Pants from Trio. Love them!!! ^^

Yang Yang brought us there at around 3pm and there was traffic jam. I think it's because the mall is newly open and everyone is curious about it lol.
The below photos was taken randomly cause I wanna show you guys the inner structure of the mall. ;)

They have Trio here as well!!!!!

We went GSC and watched Bourne Legacy. Not a good movie though.

Ate Yee Wu's Gelato. ^^

Taste Better's Durian puff was sooooooo DELICIOUS!!!!

Drank Gong Cha which is quite similar to Chatime..^^

Everyone of us were holding Gong Cha's beverages here, even the photographer! Hahaha!!! xD

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sistars Day!

Woah, it's a long freaking crazy week! I'm finally able to access internet and update my blog! (Stupid Streamyx need to get dumped into the dustbin!)

I went shopping with my two leng lui seniors, Kane and Chooi Teng. Both of them are like my sistars, we have so much in common and we love each other sooo much. (don't we?)

Ootd: So Retro~

We went to many shops and one of my favourite shops will be Trio. <3

Look at their beautiful wall decoration!!!! We can't help ourselves taking pictures after discovering it!

Kane posing with it! (You guy should know, the wall deco are made up by lots of boxes!) *Crazy*

We went to eat @ Old Town Kopitiam cause Kane like it.

The hungry feeling just faded when we canwhore, so don't blame us! ><

BBQ Chicken: We Love it! <3

Chooi Theng finally made herself up! Couldn't resist taking photos with them! Hahahaha!

We went Starbucks at their last day promotion. It's 5pm so the Promo hadn't started yet, but bought two since we couldn't wait and don't exactly know when is the Promo start.

And all in a sudden we saw this:

What the heck is going on with so much people here? It's only six!!!!!!

Then I went and asked the waitress and she told me the Promo started at 6pm...


whatever la, cause we have already drank two and we can't afford to buy anymore. 

So we camwhore. :P

Chooi Teng was that kind of face: " Starbucks you eat my money!!!" because she paid for it! xD

Found this in Chooi Teng's car and I love it! It's imported from China and I asked her to buy one for me when she go to China end of this year. *No face me*

Piglet, Say Goodbye!!!! ^^

Bye! xD

Monday, August 20, 2012

Huan's Bday @ BBQ Steamboat & Lucky 7 Days

It was Huan's Birthday and we went out to celebrate at a Thai Style BBQ Steamboat Restaurant. Everyone were happy to gather together after a busy weeks spent at our school and not able to gather up as frequent as previous.

THX Huan!!! <3

I tell you, the cake is like the best cake I've ever taste. It's some sort of Yogurt-Cheese-Orea- Chocolate Cake, which is the exact taste I would love for myself! xD

The Girls' Photo. =)

After eating, we went Lucky 7 Days for drinks. Huan's Boyfie was kind enough to pay for all of these! *Bless Them lolx*

Jim (Huan's Boyfie), Huan (the Birthday Gal), Desm. 

Huan's taking photo and left us all to take the photo. (What kind of Birthday Gal she is, uh? ) xD

Enjoyed! xD

Who says Kelantan is boring? ><