Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sweet Place

Another Good Place to Visit in Kelantan!

Wooh, I've never thought  that I can be that super-eater and discover all the good restaurants in Kelantan. Well, as you know, Kelantan is consider as "rural area" and there's not much places to visit. But living in Kelantan, I have to find my own entertainment to prevent mosses grow through my entire body.. LOL

This place is called Joe and Pepper, and if you guy have read my previous entries, you will probably heard about it. This is the second time I went there and the food have been delicious forever!

Yours truly. ;) *Love my hair curls!*

The Joe and Peppers:

Bad camera produce bad photos, I've edited it but it's still sucks. =.=


Must Have-- J&P's Bread. They are soooooo Delicious!

Toby's Salmon Set
They pan-fried the salmon and its skin is fabulous! 
Toby doesn't like to eat skin so it's my pleasure to clean it up. ;)

My Chicken Chop Set
Toby only love the sauces in my set and he told me that the chicken chop was decent. But I think Malaysian will definitely love it. He even ended up with drinking the sauces cause he said it is too good. xD

Okay, love.

Ootd of the day: RomAntiX.
Sleeveless lace top, skinny black pants and Sentini's ribbon ballerinas. 
*The lace is so pretty!!* <3

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