Monday, August 20, 2012

Huan's Bday @ BBQ Steamboat & Lucky 7 Days

It was Huan's Birthday and we went out to celebrate at a Thai Style BBQ Steamboat Restaurant. Everyone were happy to gather together after a busy weeks spent at our school and not able to gather up as frequent as previous.

THX Huan!!! <3

I tell you, the cake is like the best cake I've ever taste. It's some sort of Yogurt-Cheese-Orea- Chocolate Cake, which is the exact taste I would love for myself! xD

The Girls' Photo. =)

After eating, we went Lucky 7 Days for drinks. Huan's Boyfie was kind enough to pay for all of these! *Bless Them lolx*

Jim (Huan's Boyfie), Huan (the Birthday Gal), Desm. 

Huan's taking photo and left us all to take the photo. (What kind of Birthday Gal she is, uh? ) xD

Enjoyed! xD

Who says Kelantan is boring? ><

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