Friday, August 10, 2012

Kelantan One Day Trip

Haiya everyone! It's a long entry i would like to share with you guys. There're so much work to do recently and I promise I will get out as much time as possible to update my blog. 

So previously, me and my other friends got too boring in our rooms and we decided to give ourself a one day trip to Rantau Panjang and Wakaf Che Yeh. It's not like we haven't been there, but we simply wanna give ourself some place to get rid of all the workload we were having.

Forget to take OOTD but you'll able to see it in other pictures: 

Top: Crazy print that's so popular now! Everyone must get yourself one of it! ^^

Shade from Vincci. *<3 them!*

We bought some snacks along so that we wouldn't be too bored in the car, but infact, Nee Nee just gave up all her energy entertaining us along the road! We couldn't even got the time to stuck our big open mouth with junk food. ;)

I <3 Chezzels!
Jing Wen was the driver and thank god she made it to the destination. xD

We went shopping when we reached there and it was not so silent as we have expected during the Ramadhan season. There were Malays buying the do their shopping, probably for their Raya festival.

The stuff here was cheap and affordable so I bought some back too! (RM 5 for four packs and you can even mix them up!)

At three, we went for our lunch+dinner at Maraschino cafe, the one and only restaurant opened during the Ramadhan season in Rantau Panjang.

My cappuccino. <3
*Their coffee beverage are awesome, so if you are a coffee addict like me, don't forget to visit them! 

The food were fabulous. Not only that, we were lucky to see  this....

The Latte Art.

So pretty, right? <3

We took a lovely pictures then. ^^

After eating, we went to a Muslim mosque that look so much like a Buddist temple. It's located between Rantau Panjang and wakaf Che Yeh, then we just took some pictures outside the mosque.


After visiting the mosque with all the photos taken, we went to Wakaf Che Yeh for our night trip. :)

Bought a cute drink at  Rantau Ranjang, it come from Thailand and it only costs us RM 1 each. 

Farell's camwhore! xD

Went to McD for our late tea time, our diet routine just screwed up after the late lunch. T.T

Nee Nee was kind enough to pay for our Chocolate Sundae! *Love you Nee.*

Fyi, Wakaf Che Yeh only opens at 9pm, the only market that opens till 4 o'clock in the morning in Kelantan that sells pretty much everything (in a very affordable price too)!

Not to mention, our very stupid behaviour during the trip: Whole Camwhore. We saw an uncle selling cube ice-cream around corner and as you know, me-the-ice-cream-cannot-resist attitude just rose and I was asking everybody to get one for themselves. Here's the picture of the ice-cream uncle cutting the ice-cream (damn cheap it only cost RM 1 and it's super delicious! )

The next thing after grabbing the ice-cream is camwhore and we were like Mediacorp filming reality show.... 
It was the real crazy scenery wand we were laughing like nobody cares! 

p/s: You can see my whole Ootd here. ^^

SO FUN... ;)

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