Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Coordinate and Che Go Tour

Summer has never been enough... 
I mean,  if I'm living in the four seasons country, lol. 

Okay, so since it's summer in most country, my coordinate will follow the latest trend:
Top: China Printed Straps Top
Pants: Super Short Jeans
*Everything here is suppose to be short and thin cause the weather is super hot! ;)

Make up: I just apply eyeliner in my eye cause I want to go for real natural for my look. The whole theme is suppose to be light and focusing on my clothing. ^^

Guess where am I going? 

It's my most Favourite place to go: 

Fyi, I'm a super big Korea fans: not only love their dramas, but also their culture, their lifestyle and of course their food!!! (kimchi, kimchi, kimchi!!!)

Okay, I shall give the pictures to explain the rest now. Enjoy! 

Gosh, I shouldn't post this in the middle of the night-- My stomach growls.

Good Night! 

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