Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aeon Festival Coupon Promotion (1/8- 2 /9)

Woah, it's 1 am and I'm posting this new entry as I know I'll be very busy tomorrow and not able to update my blog and this entry is SOOOO IMPORTANT for you guys cause I know you guy will not know about it until I tell you!

Do you know what I'm holding here??

 Let me announce it too you........


Guys, this is a great deal for you guys to grab as you can get so many advantages from this little book!
There're vouchers for discount, special prices, gifts and so many more for you guys, and it's real big promotion festival here!

For instant, I just used the TGV Cinema voucher for RM 2 - RM 4 discount. You know how lucky we are to have discount? It's so good especially when your pocket is tight and you still want to go somewhere to buy your stuff! xP

There are so many shops joining this festival, including Watsons, The Body Shops, Elianto, Sasa, SODA, Jeans Studio, SUMMIT Shoes, Body Gloves, Ichiban Ramen, Reject Shop, G2000, Padini Concept Store, Camel Active, Nichii, Adidas, Shushi King, Green Box Karaoke, Subway, and so many more!

So guys, what are you waiting for??? 

Grab one of this book now at the information centre and you can enjoy your day at ANY Aeon Shopping Centre!

Happy Shopping! ^^

Credit to Kane, my lovely friend who found this very awesome book! Love ya! <3

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