Friday, April 26, 2013

Garden Recipe Healthy Recipe

Somehow (I don't know why) I started flip back my last year photo album and found something I should have blog about it. 

Poor thing I have so much good things happened last year.

and I really miss all of it now.

Okay, here's a restaurant called Garden Recipe restaurant I went with my precious friend Tan.

Somehow the place so freaking vintage,
that I just pulled him in without asking his opinion.

Their menu has already tell you how much 'garden' they will be LOL.

Even their lamp is made up of...... flower??? xD

Act cute fail >.<

Their drinks are also made up of organic ingredients, like fruits and vegetables.

Yeay I will feel so healthy living here xD

Ordered cabonara only cause we weren't very hungry.
and it is tasty! :)

Some how I think everyone need to take good care of themselves, no matter how hard your life is.
I always tell myself that my body is not mine, but it's God's.
So I've to be super duper careful taking care of it because God will ask me whether I have take good care of his 'baby' lol. (Christian freak? xD)

but no matter how, nobody want to get a sick body i suppose?
Don't tell me you wanna suffer for a month of sickness and die young. No BRAIN people.
So start eating something good and healthy now!

No fast food
No coke
more fruits 
more vegetables.

You know how scary  coke can be? Well I was once a Coke-addict and now I have reduced the frequency of drinking it.

Watch an experiment of  "Coke and Egg" here:

*If you can't access Youtube channel, 
you can watch it from fb page-- click here!

Can you make it? 

Challenge yourself!!!!

Happy Eating!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Harper Seven Cafe

Hey there!

Going to get mad with exam soon,
but I will get myself something good to eat still, right?

So yea, I found a good place to hang out in Kelantan Yo!

It's the Harper Seven Cafe!

Harper Seven Cafe is located near to Pacific Hotel, beside Lucky Seven Bar.
And a good thing, it's halal, so all people can gather here! ^.^

Went there with one of my photographer who took this great album "Move and Get Emo"

One of the pictures:
More photo for the album click here.

Okay, okay, sit back and relax. xD

fyi, their choice of food are pretty less cause it's a cafe (reasonable la k)
I'm focusing on the drinks lol. 

Nasi Pattaya

Dreid Chili Chicken rice if I'm not mistaken >.<

Mum mum !!!

At first I don't get used to it cause it tastes a little sour to me.
but it turned better afterwards :)

My favourite coffee: Cappuccino!!!
I love the pattern at the drinks cause it built up the classy feeling lol,
and it taste great as well!!! :)

Best thing: they have wifi!!!!
*I know you wanna know that :P*


Oh God so hungry
shouldn't update about food at night....  xD

Happy eating everyone! 


Friday, April 12, 2013

Library BBT Klang, One Boulevard

Promise broken. :(
Nah just a day later right? It wouldn't hurt :P

I know I shouldn't postpone my update when I blog about my friend's birthday,
but what to do?

I'm so freaking busy.
Assignments and shooting.
I enjoy my life with shooting but not the hell assignments.
worst, exam is coming soon :(

*I think I'm should bang to the wall*

Shellyn's birthday is such a fun so I'm gonna blog about it!
In the mean time, 
let me introduce you to Library sort of a lounge cafe at BBT Klang.

Camwhore with See the driver while waiting Shellyn and Ariel to come out :)

Tiny little Secret Recipe's cake :)

Okok, here we go, Library!!! ^^

Their "encyclopaedia" menu LOL

Ariel and Shellyn 

Me and See

Toss!!! ^^

See can't drink so much but he still got himself a pint, and ended up like this hahahahaha!!!! xD

Happy drinker xD

The craziest thing started when you have poker in your hands xD

Got all A and she is the "turtle" of the game, so we have to punish her!!!

Stand like 25m away from us and shout "Ariel I hate you!" xD

See was the "turtle" for another game and he was punished by girlish walking 15m away toward us and he was drunk lol xD

My favourite "sex of the beach" Muacks! <3

See lost another game and was punished to kiss the wine cupboard for 2 minutes lol xD

Lost another game and he was punished to do model pose on the pool table, 
but he look failed lol

Another game lost and he was punished to do for pose on the stage lol

Flaming shot

Flaming Shot for me!!! ^^

See how happy I am? :)

I am sure you guys are wondering why I didn't get punished?

Well, I did.
Punished to shout " Hey I am the prettiest girl in the world!"


Next time you guys should go Library cause they have such a wide space for youto do all kind of stuff like this,
totally recommended cause they have all sort of facilities,
and most importantly,
their staffs are friendly! :)

Gtg, talk to you guys soon! ^^