Monday, April 22, 2013

Harper Seven Cafe

Hey there!

Going to get mad with exam soon,
but I will get myself something good to eat still, right?

So yea, I found a good place to hang out in Kelantan Yo!

It's the Harper Seven Cafe!

Harper Seven Cafe is located near to Pacific Hotel, beside Lucky Seven Bar.
And a good thing, it's halal, so all people can gather here! ^.^

Went there with one of my photographer who took this great album "Move and Get Emo"

One of the pictures:
More photo for the album click here.

Okay, okay, sit back and relax. xD

fyi, their choice of food are pretty less cause it's a cafe (reasonable la k)
I'm focusing on the drinks lol. 

Nasi Pattaya

Dreid Chili Chicken rice if I'm not mistaken >.<

Mum mum !!!

At first I don't get used to it cause it tastes a little sour to me.
but it turned better afterwards :)

My favourite coffee: Cappuccino!!!
I love the pattern at the drinks cause it built up the classy feeling lol,
and it taste great as well!!! :)

Best thing: they have wifi!!!!
*I know you wanna know that :P*


Oh God so hungry
shouldn't update about food at night....  xD

Happy eating everyone! 


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