Wednesday, April 3, 2013

CMIXGE Magazine Shoot

If you have followed me in facebook, then you have known this picture.

and yea, I'm the cover girl this time!!!

LOL I know it sounds fake >.<

Anyway, it's my new experience to get into B&W shooting. 
And the theme is something I really love to try!

Worked with the new photographer, Ericj, Malaysian that moved to Taiwan recently for further study in digital and photography I guess? :)

Anyway, I really enjoy this shooting.
It took us only about one and a half hour to get the feeling that we want
then the next thing is 

"Chiao!" xD


ok, so i'll show you the other pictures of my favourite :)

Thx Ericj who is really fun taking picture with him. 

This is freaking AWESOME lolx.

p/s: Love it not? :)

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